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Central Amazon Conservation Complex

Patrik Netherlands - 06-Jul-24

Central Amazon Conservation Complex

I hadn't intended to review this site but after reading Frédéric's review I thought I will add mine as well as there are both similarities and a few differences that may be of interest to others. I visited the site end of June 2024.

I took the night boat from Iquitos to the [...]

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Giant's Causeway

Solivagant UK - 11-Jul-24


In May 2024 we revisited the Giants Causeway (GC) for the first time in many years. There is a confusing range of logistical/cost options/issues for a visit and, since 6 of the 10 reviews currently here predate the opening of the Visitor Centre (VC) in 2012 which created a new situation, and the others don’t address the options, it seems worthwhile trying to clarify matters as of our visit. I concentrate on those for arriving by car but some will also apply to those traveling by Bus/Train/Coach/Bike. 

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St.Georges Anglican Cathedral (T)

Patrik Netherlands - 02-Jul-24

St.Georges Anglican Cathedral (T)

I visited the Cathedral on a Friday just after 13.00h, it was probably still open after the noon mass, as the lady was closing up. I walked by also on Saturday and Sunday but everything seemed closed (and almost everything in Georgetown is closed on Sunday).

The renovations are finished and the whiteness on the outside is dazzling, except for the steeple. Perhaps they overdid things at the start and ran out of paint.

I walked around for several hours outside in Georgetown taking pictures with my old phone and did not feel unsafe at all, so it seems things have changed for the better.

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Sheikh Abdullah Al-Jabir Palace (T)

CugelVance Germany - 16-Jun-24

Sheikh Abdullah Al-Jabir Palace (T)

I visited this site in late february 2023.The Sheikh Abdullah Al Jaber Palace (Diwan Khaz'aal) was incredibly difficult to find....why???

Well,first of all it is fenced off,but that is not the real reason why it is so inaccessible.

First things first. the palace,or better its ruins,are clearly visible from the viewing platform of one of the water towers (3 towers near the ocean and in front of the Kuwait Aqua Park) near the Dasman Palace

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Andrefana Dry Forests

Randi Thomsen Norway - 07-Jul-24

Andrefana Dry Forests

Els has covered this site pretty good, but we like to add a few comments. 

First of all, what an adventure to get here! We really enjoyed the drive through wonderful lansdscape, small villages and the river crossings. We stayed three nights, two days and did the Grand Tsingy first. For the Grand Tsingy, our guide convinced us to do the Grand tour, combining circuit Ranotsara, Broadway and Andamozavaky. It will take about 6-7 hours and almost no one does it. And he was right, we didn’t meet any other people until at the end. The route adds one more viewpoint and a hanging bridge. And as Els explained, we used harness to clip on to safety ropes, up ladders and stepping stones,  climbing our way to the top. I am impressed how they made this marvelous rocky terrain available to «common people»

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Blog Connections


Since introducing the Connections feature, 1531 connections with 27,141 connected sites have been added to this website. I was inspired by Jurre, who has so diligently inventoried connections for Italian WHS recently at the Forum, to discover what the amount of connections tells us about a WHS. To support this research, I made a new Ranking page called Connected that shows the number of connections each WHS has.

Best connected

It comes as no surprise that the large city centers with a long history dominate the Top 10 of WHS with the most connections:

Ferrara may be the odd one out, but its high ranking can be explained by the inclusion of the Po Delta with the city center of Ferrara.

Fewest connections

When we look at the 120 WHS with less than 10 connections, the following categories stand out:

Recent WHS

No less than 26 WHS from 2023 haven’t reached the 10 connections yet. The Viking Age Ring Fortresses only has 2!

This may teach us that the number of connections for a site grows over time. Or we should try harder directly after a WHC – maybe last year we were a bit overwhelmed by the high numbers getting in at the double session.  For example, the similar double session of 2021 has only 3 WHS left with less than 10 connections.

Old WHS with little documentation

During the early years, WHS were added without much documentation. One would expect that finding connections for these WHS would be difficult, but overall this is not strongly reflected in the numbers. There are a few early sites such as the Boyana Church, the Rock-hewn Churches of Ivanovo (photo) and the Urnes Stave Church which could benefit from a better description. Vernacular and/or rural churches like these 3 do quite poorly overall by the way, with also Vall de Boi, Pskov Churches and the Wooden Churches of the Maramures in very low numbers.

Oddities – or just very unique

When I started to look at the WHS with very few connections, I was hoping to find the WHS that are so unique that they are hard to connect to 2 other WHS. The Grimeton Radio Station surely is such a site, or the Four Lifts.

Also, ‘mysterious’ sites where the use/meaning is unknown and which cannot be linked to a major culture prove hard to connect: think of the Plain of Jars, Tiya, the Madara Rider.

Poorly rated sites

A final hypothesis was that sites with poor ratings have a low number of connections. Especially the more simple ones (where there isn't much to see), such as the Chengjiang Fossil Site or the Sangiran Early Man Site, indeed do have less than 10 connections. But we also find Khajuraho and Ajanta Caves in that category, two majestic sites. Looking at the full list though, I'd say that overall the "better" sites get more connections (although the poorly rated variations of Limes are always good for above-average numbers of connections).

Are there any (groups of) WHS that do stand out to you when you look at the list of most and least connected sites?

Els - 14 July 2024

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Jakob Frenzel 16 July 2024

In my opionion the delisted WHS should be included in the list as well. First of all, all information which is gathered for the connections might become obsolete If a site os being delisted, secondly the connection "Site has been delisted or major parts were excluded" would make a perfect connection at its own: Dresden, Oryx, Liverpool, Bagrati Monastery.
I would be in favor of putting them back in

Kyle Magnuson 15 July 2024

My count is about 120 WHS with less than 10 Connections. Some of these (about 40) are recent inscriptions in the last 5 years. Around 15 WHS have relatively high ratings (3.5 or higher). Perhaps a community effort to explore connections with these 120 sites?

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