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Agioi Varnavas and Ilarion at Peristerona (Five-domed churches) (T)

Riccardo Quaranta Italy - 20-Aug-21

Agioi Varnavas and Ilarion at Peristerona (Five-domed churches) (T)

I visited the church of Agioi Varnavas and Ilarion at Peristerona on my way from the Troodos mountains to Nicosia in August 2021.

Upon arriving at the church, we found it closed, although the opening times on the door stated that it should have been open at that moment. As it happened many times when visiting churches in Cyprus, I had to find someone who had the key or could contact the keykeeper for us. In this case it was very simple as there is a nice cafe right in front of the church so, while we ordered a good Cyprus coffee, we also asked the owner if he knew how to get the church open. He then made a call and, while we were sipping our good and really hot coffee (in a 40°C weather), the caretaker of the church showed up and opened the door for us.

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Great Smoky Mountains

Kyle Magnuson California - United States of America - 22-Aug-21

Great Smoky Mountains

Great Smoky Mountains National Park deserves a minimum of two days. Gatlinburg is the hub for most visitors (beware weekends in the Summer). I visited the National Park on a Monday and Tuesday. As a general rule in popular National Parks we make sure to get on the trails early, rest in the middle of the day, and head back out to explore around 4pm until dark. Pleasant hikes to waterfalls (such as Laurel or Grotto Falls) are really for all hiking abilities and if you have the time, make sure do to at least one of them (aim for 7am or 8am to avoid crowds).

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Al-Faw Pre-Islamic City in Central Arabia (Qariah) (T)

Zoë Sheng Chinese-Canadian - 24-Aug-21

Al-Faw Pre-Islamic City in Central Arabia (Qariah) (T)

This non-review from my misadventures is to point out a few things. During my visit in December 2018 I had tried to visit Al-Faw (Faw/Fao however you want to romanize it) to no avail. First off it's far out near the Empty Quarter but the now-inscribed rock art at Ḥimā made me drive the outer loop anyway. There is also a wildlife sanctuary that you cannot enter beyond it that might one day be a WHS.

As you drive along the 177 there is a clear sign for the archaeological site as if it was a tourist attraction. You can see it in my picture. Once you drive off the road here though, it is suddenly all fenced off - see the second sign, with no visit center, no parking - well you can park ANYWHERE in the desert I suppose, lots of broken tires and an interesting sign to call if one needs information. Well I called and nobody answered and I kinda doubt I would have come far this way. I believe it's the caretaker's phone number who lives in the area - anyway it wasn't of much use

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Matejicek Czechia - 24-Aug-21


While Florence is more about the treasures of art and particular landmarks, I admire Siena as the prototype of Italian medieval town, and I could imagine to live there for a certain time. What I like is that Siena is an urban landscape and cannot be reduced to Piazza del Campo and Piazza del Duomo. Do not take me wrong: the interiors of Palazzo Pubblico are wonderful, the views from Torre del Mangia breath-taking, the atmosphere of Piazza del Campo amazing, and the appearance of Duomo with the Piccolomini library is not of this world (PHOTO). But you can walk to S Domenigo, or to S Francesco, or even to any small side-street to really enjoy Siena....

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Matejicek Czechia - 24-Aug-21


I have been to Florence 4-times during last 20 years (last visit in December 2018). My opinion, or better said relationship with this world-famous site, because it is an emotional feast to be in Florence, is changing with my ageing. Originally, I was annoyed by masses of tourists and focused only on the particular landmarks, and as a result of this, Siena would be a winner in the stereotyped competition between these two Tuscany WHSs. Later on, I realized that despite Florence is relatively small town, I definitely cannot say that I visited and enjoyed everything what Florence can offer

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Blog Connections

WHS and Beer

Wiki’s History of Beer learns us that beer is one of the oldest drinks humans have produced: “The earliest chemically confirmed barley beer to date was discovered at Godin Tepe in Iran, where fragments of a jug, from between 5,400 and 5,000 years ago was found to be coated with beerstone, a by-product of the brewing process”. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that the teetotal Islamic Republic of Iran will put a site linked to alcoholic drinks forward as a WH nomination. So far we already have identified a connection for Breweries (including the Brewery museum at the Grand Place of Brussels, first photo below). But are there more groups of at least 3 WHS that we can connect to beer-related subjects?

Paid in Beer

There are at least 3 WHS that I can link to “Paid in Beer”. They all have provided records that workers at the site have been paid in beer. Some 5,000 years ago, that was the case in Uruk (part of the Ahwar of Southern Iraq WHS). A tablet has been discovered that describes beer production at the Inanna Temple in Uruk and beer given to workers as part of their daily rations. At the Frontiers of the Roman Empire near Hadrian's Wall, the Vindolanda tablets include “a polite request for beer to be sent to the garrison (which had entirely consumed its previous stock of beer)”. And during the construction of the Great Pyramids in Giza, Egypt, each worker got a daily ration of four to five liters of beer (source).

WHS depicted on beer cans & bottles

Another new connection is the more trivial “WHS depicted on beer cans & bottles”. Discovering them has been a running gag among the WH Travellers Community. Using ‘Beer and breweries by region’ and leaving out the microbreweries, I came up with the following beer brands that have the same name as WHS:

The ones above marked with an asterisk (*) also display an image of the WHS on their cans and/or bottles. Sometimes just in stylized versions that need some imagination to be recognized as parts of the WHS, as in the case of Suomenlinna (a lighthouse), Alhambra (2 lions that may be part of the Lion's Court), Harar (a gate), and Hué (a temple). 

I flicked through 'Beer cans by country' to find some more WHS on display, where the brand is named differently:

Do you know more beer brands that we can connect? Do you have a collection of WH-related beer cans or bottles, either in digital or physical form?

Els - 12 September 2021

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Esteban Cervantes Jiménez (Vantcj1) 16 September 2021

Curiously for Costa Rica, I only found three microbreweries (so not for this connection) that produce WHS-related beer: Chirripó Brewing Company (logically based at San Isidro del General, the capital of the municipality where Chirripó NP is accesed from) and Urán, offered at Hotel Urán. Both Chirripó and Urán are some of the most conspicuous mountains inside Chirripó NP, at La Amistad-Talamanca reserves. Chirripó beer seems to have an outline in its logo which could be of any mountain in the world, not specifically Chirripó (as I know it). Haven´t tried any of those, but I'll try to do if I get back to Chirripó. In the Caribbean side of Talamanca mountain range there's Bribri Springs Craft Beer Company, but besides its name (the Bribri indigenous group lives in the buffer zone of La Amistad-Talamanca reserve), I don´t see any other reference.
Like probably everywhere else, there's been an explosion of craft beers, some made by the dominant company (Florida Ice& Farm), most referencing places (Tortuguero, Dota, Puerto Viejo, Escalante neighborhood, Turrialba, etc), local fauna (Lagarta) or local myths (Segua, probably the most popular of all craft beers).

Jarek Pokrzywnicki 13 September 2021

One of the best beer experience was tasting local "no name" beer while visiting Hoi An. It was available in several Old Town restaurants. As I remember it was quite refreshing and very cheap (something like 20 cents like per glass)

In Lithuania there is Vilniaus Alus Beer with panorama of Old Town in Vilnius (WHS) on the label.

In Ethiopia there are at least two beers connected with UNESCO sites: Ras Dashen beer (nemed after the biggest peak in Simien Mountains) and Harar Beer with town walls depicted on the label

Tsunami 12 September 2021

Nirayama Hansharo Beer is a craft beer, and I guess Els wants to exclude microbreweries here. I mean if you include craft beers, I bet there are craft beers for every single WHS in Japan by now. But I notice one of the Nirayama Hansharo Beer cans has both the furnace and Mt. Fuji depicted on it. 2 WHSs!
On the other hand large breweries want to take a cut of the popularity of craft beers and started producing "limited number, limited period" beer products, and I notice Asahi this year has come up with limited number (about 2 million) "Fuji-san" beer with design incorporating a Hiroshige painting of Mt. Fuji, of course (following the success of a Hokusai painting design last year).

Nan 12 September 2021

Hansharo images:

Ask Gudmundsen 12 September 2021

Kilimanjaro is the go-to pilsner in Tanzania

Matejicek 12 September 2021

Dorada Beer, brewed in Tenerife, Canary Islands, has Teide mountain at its logo

Zoë Sheng 12 September 2021

Nepal has Everest Beer

Zoë Sheng 12 September 2021

Do you maybe mean Hansharo? They have Fujishan on their logo but I don't see any beer bottles with it.

Nan 12 September 2021

I had a nirayama furnace beer. I think mount fuji was in the background.

Squiffy 12 September 2021

From the UK I can also heartily recommend the output of Saltaire Brewery and Bragdy Conwy (the latter with an outline of Conwy Castle as part of its logo).

Egypt produces Sakara Gold (with an image of the Saqqara step pyramid) and also Luxor.

Jurre 12 September 2021

There is also "Brugse Zot" and "Brugs Tarwebier/Blanche de Bruges".

The brewery "De Halve Maan" is already in the Breweries connection.

Matejicek 12 September 2021

What I have read about economy and building of fishponds by Rožmberks (Rosenberg family) in their dominions (WHS Český Krumlov and Telč, TWHS Třeboň), the production of beer and malt was crucial point for economic boom in 16th Century. Beer in those times was less alcoholic and looked more like a porridge than what we know as beer now. Thus, it was used also for feeding of kids!
BTW Brewery and Malt-house were located in every quarter of every town at least in Central Europe before the industrial revolution, and the Guilt of Maltsters were among the richest and the most powerful in towns of late middle ages and 16-17th Century.

Tsunami 12 September 2021

Praha (WHS), Czechia: Praga
BTW, thanks for letting us think about beer on Sunday morning.

Tsunami 12 September 2021

Lviv (WHS), Ukraine: Lvivske
Not a very good beer to my taste.
Chernihiv (TWHS), Ukraine: Chernihivske
This one is better and is the most popular in Ukraine.

Els Slots 12 September 2021

Thanks Hubert! Confusing...

Hubert 12 September 2021

Schloß Eggenberg beer has to be removed from the list. The brewery is located in Schloss Eggenberg in the Salzkammergut (Upper Austria), not in Graz. And this Eggenberg family has no relation to the Styrian family with the same name that built the castle in Graz.

Zoë Sheng 12 September 2021

Iran still makes non-alcoholic beer though.

Here is a beer from Bruges

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