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San Pedro de Atacama (T)

Allan Berry Scotland - 10-Feb-19

In December 2018, we took a small break from visiting the in-laws in Santiago to spend a few days travelling around San Pedro and the Atacama desert. Flying to Calama or Antofagasta are by far the cheapest options for people visiting from the capital - direct flights to San Pedro are available but seasonal and pricey. I also would recommend renting a good 4x4, as while the tours a plentiful, many are of dubious quality and value. Having the freedom to do things at your own pace was much appreciated, especially in unrelenting midday temperatures.

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Early Medieval Monastic Sites (T)

Nan Germany - 05-Feb-19

Early Medieval Monastic Sites (T)

As a tourist travelling Ireland you will see plenty of monasteries across the Ireland. Most are worn down and in ruins nowadays. And while it is easy to blame the constant rain as culprit, the ruins are a testament to the long history of Christianity in Ireland. Never part of the Roman empire, Christianity spread there already in the 5th century.

Of the proposed sites I have visited quite a few along a road trip in Ireland:

Kells: The Kells High Crosses are probably one of the most iconic images of Ireland. Combined with the Book of Kells, on display at Trinity College, they are a key part of Irish cultural identity. There is also an original nunnery remaining near the church

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Yıldız Palace Complex (T)

Zoë Sheng Chinese-Canadian in NZ - 05-Feb-19

Yıldız Palace Complex (T)

I should have done my research before heading all the way north to find it closed as mentioned previously, and only the outside of the mosque was available for a photo (don't find it special and is it even part of the nomination?). I approached the barriers and the police told me it is closed for renovations. Then I figured I can take a photo from the outside but no… Not allowed.

So just to pad the review with info for the future, take the T1 tram to the end and then switch to one of the many buses stopping right in front of it (Google map is your friend there but apparently doesn't know the palace is closed!) Not much walking up the hill is required. There is a playground nearby if you want to ditch the kids for a bit ;)

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Churches and Convents of Goa

Alex Marcean Romania - 13-Feb-19

Churches and Convents of Goa

The seven WHS objectives lie within a 10-15min walking distance circle; however a more convenient and "local" way to explore them is by rented scooters. We started in early afternoon from Calangute and after a 50min trip we reached Old Goa quarters. The road was pretty tough with alternating clogged village and faster expressway segments, but in the end manageable even for beginners like us. We didnt spot any western-style cafes or restos around, so consider bringing some F&B along. 

1. Basilica de Bom Jesus, Se Cathedral, Church of St Francis de Assisi, The Chapel of St Catherine

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Frontiers of the Roman Empire - The Danube Limes in Bulgaria (T)

Nan Germany - 04-Feb-19

Several countries plan to extend the Limes inscriptions all the way East to the Black Sea to span the full width. The Eastern most point will be in Bulgaria. Silistra (Durostorum) on the Danube was the end of the Limes. The sheer size of the border fortifications are quite a feat by the Romans.

The Limes in Bulgaria was not a wall. The primary border was the Danube which in Bulgaria is a huge, hard to pass river. Instead of building walls the Romans build watchtowers and forts to guard the border.

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WHC 2019: Walled City of Jaipur

The Walled City of Jaipur will apply for WH status this year. The city in Northern India already has 2 WHS within its borders: Jantar Mantar and Amer Fort (the latter as part of the Hill Forts of Rajasthan). The city authorities however still they seem to long for the recognition of its historic center in general. The core zone of the proposed WHS will be limited to the area within the old city walls – this would lead to an exact location inscribed twice connection for Jantar Mantar, but not for Amer Fort which lies in a separate village within the municipality some 11km away.

The (old) train to Jaipur

I visited Jaipur in 1993, arriving by Pink City Express train from Delhi. The city was part of a whirlwind group tour across Northern India and Nepal and I think we stayed for 1 night only. My photo album of the trip shows that we covered the City Palace, Nahargarh Fort, the observatory, Amer Fort and a cinema. It would have been hard to have not seen the Hawa Mahal (the Pink Palace) as well, but I have no photos of this landmark left.

The Nahargarh Fort and cinema lie just outside of the walled city. Which leaves the City Palace (dating from 1732) for me to describe. This was the seat of the Maharaja of Jaipur and thus a core element of the 18th century planned city that is to sustain the Outstanding Universal Value of the nominated site. It is a large complex, with several richly decorated gateways, palaces, pavilions and temples. Gardens and an artificial lake complete the scene.

City Palace

My memory in general is terrible, so don’t ask me about specific observations about Jaipur from 26 years ago. A short glimpse has remained though: we went to see a Bollywood movie in The Raj Mandir, a “meringue-shaped auditorium … and … a popular symbol of Jaipur”. The movie we saw coincidentally included fragments filmed in the Netherlands: there were shots of scarcely clad women and of violence on the train, with people having their heads jammed between the windows. Maybe this portrayed image explains the weird attitude some Indian men display towards European women….

The Cinema

Els - 17 February 2019

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