Need for a Comparative Study

WHS that were deferred or referred, waiting for the results of a Comparative Study carried out by one of the Advisory Bodies or a third party.

Regular "brushing up" of the comparative analysis in the nomination dossier by the State Party is not included.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Kasbah of Algiers Also ICOMOS to carry out a comparative study of "Medinas" - has not taken place: ICOMOS has prepared terms of reference for such a comprehensive study which would examine cultural values, authenticity and protective mechanisms among such sites. Completion of the study would require 6-8 months. (ICOMOS satisfied Algeria committed to preserve)
Kunta Kinteh Island Bureau - want comparative study of early colonial trading settlements in West Africa - no reference found that it took place
Madara Rider Bureau 1979
Mir Castle Until a comparative Study of similar castles in the area has been carried out - no reference found that it took place
New Lanark Industrial sites of 19th Century - TICCIH prepared a comparative study of "Workers' villages as elements of the industrial heritage," at the request of ICOMOS (submitted with nomination of Crespi d'Adda 7 years later)
Paquimé Bureau -pending the results of a comparative study of property of this type located in Mexico and the United States. (Referral of 1991) - seems to have taken place in 1992 as "Pueblo Culture Sites in Mexico and the U.S.A.: A Comparative Study by ICOMOS"
Rohtas Fort Military Architecture of region - two comparative studies have been carried out: Military architecture in the geo-cultural region Central and South Asia: a comparative study by Niels Gutschow, lhsan Nadiem. Abdul Rehman, and Zeki Siinmez (January 1997) and Fort de Rohtas, Pakistan: Etude comparative by Pierre Bnm (April 1997).
Roskilde Cathedral on religious brick Gothic architecture - prepared by Professer Hans Andersson of the Department of Archaeology, University of Lund
Salamanca University towns of Middle Ages & Renaissance - ICOMOS carried out a comparative study on old European university towns
Semmering Railway Bureau - want comparative study by TICCIH - A comparative study of outstanding railway systems of technological and historical importance has been prepared by TICCIH at the request of ICOMOS. The Semmeringbahn complies with all the criteria for evaluation set out in that study
Skogskyrkogarden study of cemeteries - Polish National Committee of ICOMOS organized an international colloquium in Wroclaw (Poland) in October 1993. A working group was charged with drawing up a list of the most important cemeteries in the world, which were worthy of consideration for inclusion on the World Heritage List.
Stone Circles of Senegambia Bureau - want comparative study of megalithic monuments in NW Africa - seems to not have taken place
Taos Pueblo Until a comparative evaluation of Pueblo culture sites had been carried out - seems not to have taken place
Vlkolinec study on Central European villages - ICOMOS presented to the Bureau the results of the comparative study on "Traditional Villages in the Carpathian Basin and its immediate surroundings"


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