Marine sites

Sites which are predominantly "marine" - defined as the marine (M) area being greater than the terrestrial (T) area of the site.

The connection belongs to Geography connections.

Connected Sites

Belize Barrier Reef: Total inscribed area 96000h. The only "terrestrial areas" are reefs since island areas along the reef have been excluded.
Cocos Island: 977 sq kms M, 24 sq kms T
Galapagos Islands: 133000 sq kms M (after extension in 2001), 76651 sq kms T
Gough and Inaccessible Islands: 390000h M (after extension in 2004), 7900h T
Great Barrier Reef: Total inscribed area of almost 35million h. Exact ratio of terrestrial - marine not stated but must be significantly scewed towards "marine".
High Coast / Kvarken Archipelago: "Note that about 71% of the property is sea" - Retrospective Statement of OUV
Ningaloo Coast: total nominated area of 708,350 hectares contains interconnected marine (71%) and terrestrial (29%) values and features (AB ev)
Rock Islands: UNESCO map states "Percentage Marine 95% Land 5%"
St. Kilda: The archipelago was originally inscribed with a land area of 854.6 ha. The 2004 extension to cover Cultural Criteria and an extra Natural criterion added a marine area of 23,346.8 ha. giving a total marine area of c 96%
Tubbataha Reefs: Total area 33200h. There are only 2 "islets" at .3h and 800 sq m - the rest is reef and sea
Whale Sanctuary of El Vizcaino: 370000h. All (almost?) of this area is marine. But the documentation is difficult to assess since it still includes the massive terrestrial area originally proposed for inclusion but which was excluded following the Bureau meeting in 1993


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