WHS with notable thrones (originals, not reconstructions).

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Aachen Cathedral "The Throne of Charlemagne (...) is a throne erected in the 790s by Charlemagne, as one of the fittings of his palatine chapel in Aachen (today's Aachen Cathedral) and placed in the Octagon of the church. Until 1531, it served as the coronation throne of the King of the Romans, being used at a total of thirty-one coronations."
Canterbury "The Chair of St Augustine (...) is the ceremonial enthronement cathedra chair of the Archbishop of Canterbury in Canterbury Cathedral, Kent."
Changdeokgung Palace Complex Injeongjeon Throne Hall, built for the kings of the Joseon Dynasty
Fort and Shalamar Gardens White Throne in the Shalimar Gardens
Golestan Palace "The Marble Throne is a 250-year-old royal throne in Golestan Palace, Tehran, Iran."
Imperial Palace "The Dragon Throne is the throne of the Emperor of China. (...) The term can refer to very specific seating, as in the special seating in various structures in the Forbidden City of Beijing or in the palaces of the Old Summer Palace." "In Chinese history, the Dragon Throne of the Emperor of China (...) was erected at the center of the Forbidden City, which was itself regarded as the centre of the world."
Luang Prabang royal throne inside Royal Palace, built permanent attached to the throne hall
Mahabodhi Temple Complex Vajrasana, Enlightenment Throne of Buddha, an empty symbolic throne.
Potala Palace Dalai Lama's throne
Rammelsberg and Goslar "The imperial throne at Goslar (...) was made in the second half of the 11th century and was the throne of Holy Roman Emperors and kings in the Collegiate Church of St. Simon and St. Jude ("Goslar Cathedral"), which stood in the grounds of the Imperial Palace of Goslar (Kaiserpfalz Goslar)."
Red Fort "The Throne of Jahangir (...) was built by Mughal emperor Jahangir (...) in 1602 and is located at the Diwan-i-Khas (hall of private audience) at the Red Fort in Agra."
Royal Palaces of Abomey Throne of Skulls King Ghezo
San Marino and Mount Titano The Throne of the Captains-Regent inside the basilica
Sigiriya Stone throne of King Kassapa
Summer Palace in the Hall of Benevolence and Longevity, there is a big throne of Emperor.
Temple, Mansion and Cemetery of Confucius In Confucius Shrine, there is a big imperial throne for Emperor to use when visiting and worshipping Confucius.
Vatican City "The Chair of Saint Peter, also known as the Throne of Saint Peter, is a relic conserved in St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City". "The relic is a wooden throne that tradition claims belonged to the Apostle Saint Peter, the leader of the Early Christians in Rome and first Pope, and which he used as Bishop of Rome. The relic is enclosed in a sculpted gilt bronze casing designed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini and constructed between 1647 and 1653."
Westminster "King Edward's Chair (or St Edward's Chair), the throne on which English and British sovereigns have been seated at the moment of crowning, is now housed within the Abbey in St George's Chapel near the West Door, and has been used at every coronation since 1308."


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