Situated on a Continental Divide

A continental divide is a drainage divide on a continent such that the drainage basin on one side of the divide feeds into one ocean or sea, and the basin on the other side either feeds into a different ocean or sea, or else is endoorheic, not connected to the open sea. (wiki)

Connected Sites

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Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks AB evaluation :- "The four parks are aligned along the continental divide - which marks the hydrographic apex of North America separating the drainage basins of the Arctic, Pacific, and Atlantic oceans." At Snow Dome waters debouch into the Atlantic (via the N Saskatchewan River and on into Hudson'ds Bay), Arctic (via the Athabasca River) and Pacific (via the Columbia River ) Oceans.
Great Smoky Mountains Eastern Divide
Greater Blue Mountains Part of the Great Dividing Range which drains eastwards to the Tasman Sea (Pacific Ocean) and south-westwards through the Murray-Darling basin to the Great Australian Bight (Indian Ocean).
Huascaran National Park Via the Marañón River into the Amazon and the Atlantic, Via the Santa and Pativilca Rivers into the Pacific
Primeval Beech Forests The main ridge on the Polish border is on the Continental divide (UNEP-WCMC)
Pyrénées - Mont Perdu Mont Perdu French sections drains into the Atlantic Ocean Spanish sections into the Mediterranean Sea
Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch Northern part drains on the Rhine bassin to the North Sea, South part on the Rhone bassin to the Mediterranean See
Talamanca Range-La Amistad Reserves The International Park is situated generally across the cordillera which constitutes the Continental Divide and, e.g the Costa Rican portion includes the "Caribbean La Amistad and Pacific La Amistad Conservation Areas".
Three parallel rivers of Yunnan Headwaters of the Salween into the Indian Ocean via the Irawaddy and the Yangtse and Mekong into the Pacific
Waterton Glacier International Peace Park Sometimes said to be the only place in the World with a "triple point." Waters from the park debouch into the Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic Oceans. However, officially, Hudson's Bay is also part of the Atlantic Ocean so this point actually only connects 2 Oceans
Yellowstone The Continental Divide of North America runs diagonally through the southwestern part of the park (wiki)


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