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Connected Sites

  • Hiraizumi: "Some say that accounts of the sparkling light reflecting off the Konjiki-do led the Venetian traveller Marco Polo to describe Japan as a land so rich that all the rooves were made of gold."  Link
  • Istanbul: Passed through on his return to Venice
  • Old City of Acre: He received his credentials and picked up his 2 "Friar" travelling companions there
  • Old City of Jerusalem: He visited to pick up the holy oil following Kublai Khan's request to his father Niccolo on his own earlier trip
  • Site of Xanadu: opened eyes of the world to China and the marvels of Xanadu (AB ev)
  • Socotra Archipelago: Later, on the 13th century, the great Venetian seafarer, Marco Polo, reported: "The inhabitants are baptized Christians and have an archbishop. ... It should explain that the archbishop of Socotra has nothing to do with the pope of Rome, but is subject to an archbishop who lives in Baghdad. ... You should know also that, if the archbishop of Socotra dies, his successor must be sent from Baghdad, otherwise there could never be an archbishop here." (nom file)
  • Tabriz Bazaar Link
  • Tajik National Park: visited the Pamir mountains and wrote about them (Marco Polo may have travelled along the Panj River - wiki)
  • Venice and its Lagoon: Born and returned there
  • West Lake: Marco Polo apparently visited Hangzhou. He wrote about the lake too (see link). There is even a statue of him by the lake. Link
  • Yazd: In 1272 it was visited by Marco Polo, who remarked on the city's fine silk-weaving industry.  Link


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