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WHS at which Insurrections took place aimed at overturning the established government (whether successful or not) and involving mass action or force.

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Connected Sites

  • Changdeokgung Palace Complex: Imo Incident - "Dissatisfaction with the Korean government was the initial focus of the violence. Some government officials were killed by the rioters. Homes of high government ministers were destroyed and Changdeok Palace was occupied by soldiers. The rioting general population of Seoul swelled the ranks of the dissatisfied army units. In the midst of the chaos, the regent father of the king, Daewongun, took power and tried to re-establish order. He supported soldiers' complaints." - wiki
  • Desembarco del Granma National Park: Includes Playa las Coloradas where Castro et al landed in 1956
  • Jeju: Jeju Uprising and Massacre in 1948 - Most estimates are around 30,000 civilians killed, and 70% of villages on Jeju Island destroyed. Significant remains of massacre victims have been found on Hallasan Mountain. - wiki
  • Kremlin and Red Square: Soviet coup attempt of 1991 (with tanks on Red Square)
  • Namhansanseong: The "righteous army" guerrilla forces who rose up in 1896 considered Namhan Mountain Fortress to be their base of operations. The 1,600 or so soldiers who gathered there consisted of units from Gwangju, Icheon and Yanggeun. They intended to join guerrilla bands from the three southern regions (Gyeongsang, Jeolla and Chungcheon), advance on the capital to chase out the Japanese troops stationed there, and reinstate Gojong as Emperor. Their plans were thwarted, however, the Japanese authorities knew that Namhan Mountain Fortress was a hotbed of resistance. Therefore, Japanese troops removed all the weapons there in 1907, blowing up the gunpowder found on the site, burning all the temples down, and destroying many of the other structures. Yet, the fortress continued to be a staging area for resistance operations during the Japanese Colonial Period, including the March 1st Independence Movement in 1919. - official website
  • Paris, Banks of the Seine: Place de la Concorde and La Conciergerie for French Revolution
  • Prague: The Velvet Revolution in the Venceslas Place and other area of the Historic Centre of Prague, in novembre and decembre 1989.
  • Silk Roads: Xuanwu Gate Incident in Daming Palace, Chang'an
  • St. Petersburg: Assault of Winter palace by Bolsheviks in 1919; Kronstadt Rebellion Mar 1921
  • Stone Town of Zanzibar: 1964 Zanzibar revolution
  • Taos Pueblo: "New Mexico formally became a territory of the United States in 1847 with the signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, but a revolt broke out in Taos Pueblo. Mexican Pablo Monoya and Tomasito, a leader at Taos Pueblo, led a force of Mexicans and Indians who did not want to become a part of the United States. They managed to kill Governor Charles Bent and others and marched on Santa Fe, but were finally subdued after taking refuge in the ill-fated San Geronimo Mission Church. The American troops bombarded the church, killing or capturing the insurrectionists and destroying the physical structure." - Wiki
  • Warsaw: Warsaw Uprising (1 August - 2 October 1944) Link


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