IUCN Conservation Outlook Assessment Critical

WHS assessed by IUCN in its "World Heritage Outlook" program as having a "Critical" Conservation Outlook (= "The site's values are severely threatened and/or deteriorating. Immediate large-scale additional conservation measures are needed to maintain and/or restore the site's values over the short to medium-term of the values may be lost."). Nb. Although there is significant overlap with the "official" WH In Danger List the lists are not the same and are created in different ways -
"IUCN's World Heritage Outlook provides the first global assessment of the conservation prospects for natural World Heritage. By assessing every natural site with World Heritage status, it recognizes good conservation practice and supports the role of World Heritage sites in demonstrating excellence. It also identifies the actions needed to support sites that are facing threats, in order to improve their conservation outlook.

Based on expert knowledge, IUCN's World Heritage Outlook is designed to track the state of conservation of all natural World Heritage sites over time. Implemented by the IUCN World Heritage Programme and IUCN's World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA), it aims to provide reliable, transparent and independent information on the present situation and future prospects of natural World Heritage through Conservation Outlook Assessments.
The IUCN World Heritage Outlook is a proactive step to overcome existing and potential knowledge gaps through a methodological approach. The best available data from a wide range of sources and consultation with stakeholders is mobilized into a single IUCN hub for natural World Heritage.

The World Heritage Outlook also highlights the benefits that World Heritage sites provide to people, and projects supporting these exceptional places"

See http://www.worldheritageoutlook.iucn.org/home


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