Gilded Lacquer or Urushi

WHS which significantly used gold or silver lacquer art for architectural decoration, this connection is only for gild painting with japanned surface. Gilded Lacquer is known as Maki-e, Haku-e or Chin-kin in Japanese depend on decorative techniques.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Ancient Kyoto Kinkakuji is a well known example of Haku-e guild lacquer technique
Ayutthaya the gigantic Mongkol Bophit Buddha Statue
Fujisan Honden Hall of Kitaguchi Hongu Fuji Sangen Jinja
Hiraizumi the interior of Chusonji's Golden Hall is gilded and inlaid lacquer
Hué Forbidden Palace's halls are decorated with gold and red lacquer
Imperial Palace six gilded lacquer columns in the Hall of Supreme Harmony in Beijing
Luang Prabang Wat Xiang Thong's main hall is decorated with black and gold lacquer
Melaka and George Town Many Chinese shop houses used black and gold lacquer doors
Mount Emei, including Leshan Giant Buddha Mount Emei's Silver Nunnary on Golden Summit, certain parts of hall use real silver lacquer
Nikko Toshogu Shrine and Taiyuinbyo shrine are well known for black and gold lacquer wall.
Residences of the Royal House of Savoy Chinese Room of Turin Royal Palace is decorated with black and gold lacquer
Schönbrunn the famous Vieux-Laque-Room with black and gold lacquer
St. Petersburg Lacquer Study Room with gilded lacquer at Monplaisir, part of Peterhof Palace.
Würzburg Residence Grün lackiertes Zimmer with silver and green lacquer.


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