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Aleppo Syrian Civil War. "In Aleppo, one of the oldest covered marketplaces in the world is now in ruins; its maze of stone streets has been one of the most intense battlefields in the country for the past 18 months, bombed from above by air force jets and chipped away at ground level by close quarter battles ......Those who dare raise their heads above the ruins, towards the ancient citadel that stands at the centre of the city, can also see damage to several of its walls." The Ummayad Mosque is also destroyed
Ancient Kingdom of Saba Some component parts have been deliberately damaged in targeted attacks, as is the case of the ancient city of Ma’rib and the northern bank of the Ma’rib dam (airstrike in 2015), as well as in the ancient city of Sirwah (bombing in 2018). (AB ev)
Ancient villages of Northern Syria Syrian Civil War "The ancient sites of northern Syria, comprising eight parks and a total of 40 villages, have suffered due to their close proximity to a key Turkish border crossing, used as the entry point for supplies.A number of Syrians who have been forced from their homes are also living in and among the ruins. Analysis of satellite images of the Jebel Barisha park show the creation of three compounds: two within the park boundaries and one just outside. They appear to have a military function,"
Bosra Syrian Civil War "The ancient city of Bosra, located in the southern Daara governorate, contains ruined buildings from the Roman, Byzantine, and early Islamic periods. Between October 2009 and April 2014, a number of probable shell craters appeared within the site, including a hole in the roof of the Al-Omari Mosque."
Cathedral of St. James in Sibenik "The dome of the church was heavily damaged by the JNA-supported Serb forces during the sheling of Sibenik in September 1991" (Wiki).
Crac des Chevaliers Syrian Civil War. "By October 2013, numerous craters appeared at Crac de Chevaliars, including one on the south turret's roof.The AAAS report describes moderate structural damage to the castle, including to its southeast tower and three visible craters to the northern part of the castle."
Dubrovnik Yugoslav Civil Wars "On October 1, 1991 Dubrovnik was attacked by JNA with a sige of Dubrovnik that lasted for seven months. The heaviest artillery attack was on December 6 with 19 people killed and 60 wounded. Total casualties in the conflict according to Croatian Red Corss were 114 killed civilians, among them celebrated poet Milan Milisic. Foreign newspapers have been criticised for exaggerating the damage sustained by the old town, instead of responding to human casualties. Nonetheless, the artillery attacks on Dubrovnik damaged 56% of its buildings to some degree, as the historic walled city, a UNESCO world heritage site, sustained 650 hits by artillery rounds. The Croatian army lifted the siege in May 1992"
Hué Indo-China and Vietnam wars "The complex suffered considerably as a result of military operations in .... 1947 and 1968" (AB eval)
Hwaseong Fortress Korean War "Considerable damage was caused to some parts of the Fortress during the Korean War. The Janganmun and Changnyongmun Gates were completely destroyed, and sections of the walls were demolished. However, restoration and reconstruction work, which began in 1964 and has continued since that time, has been carried out in accordance with the principles of the Venice Charter and Nara Document, based on the exhaustive information contained in the Hwaseong seongyeok uigwe." (Unesco)
Kaesong Korean War "After the country's liberation in 1945, US troops attempted to bulldoze the back site of the central group of buildings to build military barracks there, but had to suspend the project owing to the local people's protest. During the Korean War (1950-1953), the stoneworks in the front part of the central group of buildings were damaged by bombing. After the war, the local people and the Korean People's Army soldiers reconstructed the damaged part over two years, between 1953 and 1954. Afterwards, Manwoldae was registered as a National Treasure Site." (Nom file) and "In 1950 the pavilion above the Namdae Gate was burnt down during US bombing" (AV)
Masjed-e Jâme' In 1985 Iran Iraq war by rocket attack.
Meidan Emam, Esfahan "hit by a rocket during the recent attacks on Iranian cities" (1988 SOC report) - Iran-Iraq War
Mostar Yugoslav Civil Wars. Bridge damaged during 1992/3 and finally destroyed on Nov 9 1993.
My Son By American Bombing During Vietnam War in 1969
Namhansanseong Korean War "In 1951, during the Korean War, Namhansanseong was seriously damaged by bombardment." AB
Odesa During Russian invasion of Ukraine (2022-2023): "On 23 July 2022, the seaport in Odesa was hit by the missiles. According to the nomination dossier, five damaged sites have been detected and identified. Two of them involve the Vorontsov Palace .... The analysis did not reveal any severe structural damages, only breakage of windows and glass rooftop." (AB ev), plus on 23 July damage to the historic Transfiguration Cathedral (see link)
Old City of Jerusalem 6 Day War "The Mughrabi " quarter was razed three days after the Six day War in order to broaden the narrow alley leading to the Western Wall and prepare it for public access by Jews seeking to pray there." (Wiki)
Palmyra Syrian Civil War "Imagery analysis has revealed how the site and its surrounding area - including its Roman theatre - have suffered from the effects of shelling, activity by snipers as well as the presence of rocket launchers and tanks. There are also persistent reports of looting." New roads can be seen across the northern area of the site as well excavated fortifications (pink arrows), providing cover for military vehicles (yellow arrows).
Plain of Jars the Plain of Jars was heavily affected by bombing and other damage (trenches, foxholes, anti-aircraft positions and tank scrapes) during the Second Indochina War (1965-1975) (AB ev)
Preah Vihear Temple Thai-Cambodian border dispute. In February 2011, when Thai officials were in Cambodia negotiating the dispute, Thai and Cambodian troops clashed, resulting in injuries and deaths on both sides. Artillery bombardment in the area occurred during the conflict. The Cambodian government has claimed that damage occurred to the temple. However, a UNESCO mission to the site to determine the extent of the damage indicates that the destruction is a result of both Cambodian and Thai gunfire" (Wiki)
Samarra 2nd Iraq War "One of the architectural jewels in Samarra is the 52-metre spiral minaret which is part of the Great Mosque of Caliph al-Mutawakkil, built in the ninth century. The minaret, which features on an Iraqi banknote, survived countless invasions and wars, but was badly damaged by insurgent fire in 2005 when American soldiers used it as a lookout post."
Sambor Prei Kuk After the Lon Nol's coup d'état to Prince Norodom Sihanouk in 1970, US President Richard Nixon ordered a secret bombing of Cambodia to fight the Khmer Rouge guerrillas and any influence of North Vietnam in the country. The US aircraft bombed positions inside the archaeological site, causing craters near the temples, while the guerrillas left several mines on the land that were cleared only in 2008. (wiki)
Sana'a "On 12 June 2015, Saudi-led airstrikes targeting Shiite rebels and their allies in Yemen destroyed historic houses in the center of the capital."
Susa The palace was badly damaged by shelling during the Iran-Iraq war.
Trans-Iranian Railway Iran-Iraq war "Taleh Zang bridge is in this route in Dorud- Andimesk road which is one of the famous railway structures of Iran. It was damaged several times during the Holy Defense."
Virunga National Park "Great Lakes Conflicts" - Rwandan Genocide (1994) First and Second Congo Wars (1995-6 and 1998-2003), Kivu Conflict (2004-10). Mines, Poaching, Illegal wood cutting/charcoal burning, squatting. "The forests of Virunga NP, home to the endangered mountain gorilla, were badly damaged by the demands for firewood and charcoal made by the refugees. Two years after the arrival of the refugees 105 km2 of the park's forest had been affected, of which 63 km2 had been razed." (Wiki).


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