Seasonal WHS

WHS which need to be visited at a particular time of year either because the main stated OUV can only be seen/experienced at certain times or because climatic conditions/conservation requirements require the entire inscribed area to be closed at certain periods.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Djoudj "The Sanctuary is closed for three months of the year because of the impossibility of moving about during the rainy season" (UNEP-WCMC) / "Ouvert de novembre à juin, meilleure période de décembre à mars." (see link)
Kaziranga National Park The Park is closed from Mid April to Mid October due to monsoon rains during which the Brahmaputra breaks its banks.
Malpelo No dive tours will take place during Columbia's heaviest rainy season ~ May/June
Manas Wildlife Sanctuary Only open November to April because of the monsoon
Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve Butterflies are only present from November to March
Nahanni National Park charter flights only between June to September and the rivers would be frozen in winter so rafting/canoeing is out of the question - which are the only two realistic ways to access it
Okavango Delta Can be visited all year, but OUV is derived from "The annual flood-tide, which pulses through the wetland system every year, revitalizes ecosystems and is a critical life-force during the peak of the Botswana’s dry season (June/July)"
SGang Gwaay only has tours from April to September
Sceilg Mhichíl Boats sail May-Sept: "The island can only be reached by a small boat on a calm summer day" .."yet trips are often blown out by sea conditions"
Taos Pueblo Late winter to early Spring the Pueblo closes for about ten weeks. - Official Taos Pueblo website. This closure is due in part to both seasonal and resident accommodations.
Whale Sanctuary of El Vizcaino Whales are only present from Jan - mid March


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