A strait is a narrow, typically navigable waterway that connects two larger, navigable bodies of water.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Gwynedd Castles The Castles of Caernarfon and Beaumaris guard the western and eastern ends respectively of the Menai Strait which separates Anglesey from the mainland of Wales
High Coast / Kvarken Archipelago Kvarken
Istanbul Bosphorus
Itsukushima Shrine Miyajima Island, belonging to Hiroshima prefecture, separated from the mainland by the 500m wide Onoseto strait (see link)
Komodo National Park Komodo Faces Selat Sape, Selat Lintah and Selat Molo or Sape Strait
Kronborg Castle Lies at the Öresund
Kulangsu Lujiang Strait
Melaka and George Town Strait of Malacca
Qalhat Located at the Gulf of Oman, "a strait (and not an actual gulf) that connects the Arabian Sea with the Strait of Hormuz" (wiki)
Red Bay Basque Whaling Station on the shore of the Strait of Belle Isle (which separates the Labrador Peninsula from the island of Newfoundland)
Shiretoko Lies at Nemuro Strait
Southern Öland Kalmarsund
The Slate Landscape of Northwest Wales Port Penrhyn is situated on the Menai Straits
Troy Dardanelles (The ancient city of Troy was located near the western entrance of the strait, and the strait's Asiatic shore was the focus of the Trojan War)
Ujung Kulon National Park Sunda Strait


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