Sandstone Formations

WHS that include sizeable / notable formations of sandstone rock.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
China Danxia "The reddish conglomerate and sandstone that form this landscape of exceptional natural beauty" (OUV)
Hegra "it is marked by a number of sandstone outcrops of various sizes and heights, which formed the basis of the development of Nabataean monumental architecture." (AB ev)
Ischigualasto / Talampaya
Kakadu National Park sandstone escarpment
Mammoth Cave "One of the sandstones at Mammoth Cave, named the Big Clifty Sandstone, formed about 320 million years ago, when sand was deposited over top of Mammoth Cave's shale and limestone beds by a large river delta. This sandstone is usually the top layer of the park's many ridges, like Flint Ridge, Mammoth Cave Ridge, and Joppa Ridge because it is resistant to erosion."
Meteora Pillars
Purnululu National Park
Tanbaly "The site on sandstone rocks is vulnerable to weathering" (AB ev)
Tassili n'Ajjer The property is also of great geological and aesthetic interest: the panorama of geological formations with "rock forests" of eroded sandstone resembles a strange lunar landscape. (description Unesco website)
Wadi Al-Hitan
Wadi Rum
Wulingyuan Pillars


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