Recommended for combination by AB

Separate WHS where the AB advised to pursue one combined WHS. The WHS is only listed when a combination was explicitly asked for and a listing is not automatically reciprocal.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Huanglong With nearby Jiuzhaigou: "The Committee should relate Huanglong to the current sister nomination of Jiuzhaigou and the previously deferred site at Wanglang. lt should propose that Huanglong and Jiuzhaigou be inscribed as one site now .."
Iguacu "..should be incorporated as one property with the existing Iguazu National Park of Argentina. The name of the property would become "Iguazu, Iguacu National Park of Argentina and Brazil".
Iguazu National Park "Brazil's Iguazu National Park is ciearly an integral part of the area and has been included on the tentative list submitted by Brazil. The Committee should request the Brazilian authorities to nominate their contiguous portion of the area and thereby establish an international World Heritage property. "
Jesuit Missions of Trinidad and Jesus AB Eval 1993 - "That the inscription of this group of properties on the List be referred back to the Government of Paraguay, who should be invited to give consideration to resubmitting this nomination (omitting Santos Cosme y Damian) as an extension of the existing joint Argentinian-Brazilian inscription, under the title "Jesuit Missions of the Guayra", and the redefinition of the buffer zones. " The recorded decison was "The Committee inscribed the site on the World Heritage List under criterion (iv). The Committee invited Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay to consider a joint inscription of the Jesuit missions on their territories. The Delegate of Brazil would welcome a joint conservation effort and announced that such an initiative was being taken in the context of MERCOSUR."
Jiuzhaigou Valley "the Chinese authorities should be requested to consider Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong as a single site"
Koguryo Kingdom With DPRK Tombs: Both were requested by AB AND WHC to consider combining later - "Encourages the Chinese authorities and the authorities of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea to consider the possibility of a future joint, transboundary nomination of the Koguryan culture."
Koguryo Tombs With Koguryo Kingdom (China): Both were requested by AB AND WHC to consider combining later - "Encourages the Chinese authorities and the authorities of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea to consider the possibility of a future joint, transboundary nomination of the Koguryan culture."
Los Katios National Park IUCN ev "The addition of Los Katios to the existing Darien National Park and World Heritage site will have several important benefits..... Los Katios should be added to the World Heritage List on the basis of criteria ii and iv and it should be inscribed as a transfrontier site with Panama's Darien National Park. " And the minuted decision: "The Committee inscribed this site, which adjoins Darien World Heritage site in Panama, and represents a rich biota comprising elements of both the North and the South America and is a centre of endemism for flora and fauna. The Committee commended both the Colombian and the Panamanian Governments for the bilateral cooperative management agreement and recommended that the two States Parties consider the inscription of the transfrontier site as a single entry on the List."
Route of Santiago de Compostela "ICOMOS suggests therefore that consideration be given by the relevant States Parties to the possibility of an eventual extension of the property to other lengths of the Route outside Spain"
Routes of Santiago de Compostela in France "It hopes, however, that the two States Parties concerned (France and Spain) will give serious consideration to combining their respective stretches of the Route in a single inscription, comparable with the joint Franco-Spanish inscription of the cultural landscape of Pyrénées-Mount Perdu in 1997."
Stralsund and Wismar With Lübeck: "ICOMOS further recommends that consideration be given to the possibility of inscribing the historic towns of Stralsund and Wismar as a serial nomination together with Lübeck. All three towns were leading centres in the Wendish region of the Hanseatic League in northern Germany"
Sundarbans National Park Future inclusion of the reserves on the Bangladesh side to form an international Sundarbans Mangrove Reserve World Heritage Site should be encouraged (AB ev)
The Sundarbans As the adjacent Sundarbans National Park in India is already inscribed on the World Heritage List, the authorities in both countries should be encouraged to agree to the joint listing of the site as a transfiontier World Heritage property. (AB ev)
Trang An 1. With the South China Karst (but "Given there is already an ongoing process of extension of the South China Karst World Heritage Site in China, it appears to be difficult to insist on Trang An being directly connected to that process") 2. With Ha Long Bay ("What appears to be more appropriate to recommend is that Viet Nam might consider a parallel process to the Chinese South China Karst nomination, where a number of key karst sites have been nominated as part of a coordinated process, in a national serial approach. Noting that a key comparison for Trang An is the site of Ha Long Bay, the relationships to Ha Long Bay and the adjoining Cat Ba Archipelago would seem to warrant further consideration, notwithstanding the challenges of Trang An being nominated as a mixed site."
Val d'Orcia "Pienza a key part of the Val d'Orcia is already a WHS and will become surrounded by the Val d'Orcia if it is inscribed. Consideration should be given to combining the 2 sites" (ICOMOS)


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