Multilingual inscriptions

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Aksum Ezana Stone - Geez, South Arabian and Greek
Biblical Tells An Accadian-Sumerian dictionary discovered at Tel Hazor
Bisotun Trilingual - Elamite, Akkadian and Persian
Dougga/Thugga several Numidian-Punic bilinguals
Himā Cultural area The intensive traffic channeled through the property is reflected in tens of thousands of rock inscriptions. They occur in various scripts, such as the Al-Musmad alphabet of 29 letters, Aramaic-Nabatean, South-Arabian scripts, Thamudic and even in Greek, as well as Arabian. (nom file p.12)
Old Town of Galle Galle Trilingual - Chinese, Tamil and Perisian erected in 1411 in Galle Sri Lanka to commemorate the second visit to Sri Lanka by the Chinese admiral Zheng He. Original now in Colombo National Museum - copy in Galle Maritime Museum
Palmyra The Temple of Baal Shamin has a column from AD131 "In Greek and Palmyrene (Aramaic) that praises the Secretary of the city for his generosity during the visit of the "Divine Hadrian" and for footing the bill for the temple's construction" also "The inscriptions which remain are bilingual, in Aramaic and Greek; a few with Latin also survive but only from the later years of the city (As'ad and Delplace 2002)."
Petra Aramaic and Greek
Xanthos-Letoon Lycian, Aramaic and Greek


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