Mannerism is a period of European painting, sculpture, architecture and decorative arts lasting from the later years of the Italian High Renaissance around 1520 until the arrival of the Baroque around 1600.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Amsterdam Canal Ring Noorderkerk and other works by Hendrick de Keyser
Belem High Altar and the Transept chapels in the Sta. Maria church
Cordouan Lighthouse "Its architectural forms drew inspiration from ancient models, Renaissance Mannerism and the specific architectural language of France’s engineering school École des Ponts et Chaussées." (AB ev)
Evora Evora University
Ferrara The façade of the Palazzo Bentivoglio
Graz Schloss Eggenberg's Grotto
Kalwaria Zebrzydowska
L'viv Bernardine Church: In the 17th century the present day church and monastery were constructed .. in the style of Italian and Dutch mannerism and consecrated in 1630. (wiki)
Lyon Mannerist house of the Lion (1647)
Mantua and Sabbioneta Mantua Te Palace
Medici Villas and Gardens The mannerist garden in Pratolino.
Sacri Monti of Piedmont and Lombardy Sacro Monte di Orta, part of Sacri Monti
Salvador de Bahia "The cathedral is considered one of the finest examples of Mannerism in the Portuguese empire"
San Cristobal de La Laguna Casa de Lercaro, with an especially fine Mannerist façade (AB ev)
Torun Esken House portal, Willem van den Blocke (c. 1590), Netherlandish-style mannerism, Toruń (wiki)
Venice and its Lagoon Scuola di San Rocco and others
Villa d'Este Terraced garden


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