Location for a classic documentary

WHS that have been used as a location for documentaries of high public and/or critical acclaim.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Auschwitz Birkenau Shoah (1985)
Decorated cave of Pont d'Arc Cave of Forgotten Dreams by Werner Herzog (2010)
Florence Days of Destruction (1966), about the Flood of the Arno River and its catastrophic effect on the city of Florence
Grand Canyon One of Walt Disney's “more unconventional and experimental works” is Grand Canyon (1958)
Mount Athos Athos (2016) - "With the help of three Athos monks, "Athos - A Taste of Heaven" tells the story of the island and its inhabitants in a unique filmed diary style." (IMDb)
Old Town of Lijiang Beyond the clouds (1994)
Paris, Banks of the Seine Le Joli Mai (1963) includes the result of 55 hours of footage interviewing people on the streets of Paris.
Sagarmatha National Park The Conquest of Everest (1953), The Climb (2007) and The Man Who Skied Down Everest (1975)
Siena Palio (2015)
Statue of Liberty Statue of Liberty (1985)
Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch The Eiger mountain can be seen in The Alps (2007)
Virunga National Park Virunga, an Oscar-nominated 2014 documentary film directed by Orlando von Einsiedel
Yosemite National Park Free Solo (2018)


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