Iron production

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Ancient ferrous metallurgy sites an early phase of iron production in Africa
Blaenavon Industrial Landscape
Cistercian Abbey of Fontenay "......forge. Ce dernier batiment, datable de la fin du XIleme siecle, rappelle la part prise par les Cisterciens aux progres technologiques du Moyen Age. C'est un des plus anciens batiments industriels de France. " (AB eval) " Il a été construit par les moines à la fin du xiie siècle afin de travailler le minerai qui était extrait de la colline dominant le monastère. La dérivation du ruisseau de Fontenay, le long du mur de la forge, faisait tourner des roues qui actionnaient les martinets pour battre le fer." (Wiki Fr)
Costiera Amalfitana Valle delle Ferriere inland from Amalfi. Iron ore was shipped into Amalfi from Puglia and Elba. "There are many small streams which in places drop over impressive waterfails; these streams provided the power for the early paper and iron industries, the remains of which are widespread" (AB eval)
Engelsberg Ironworks
Ennedi Massif some 30 bases of reduction smelters were found (AB ev)
Ironbridge Gorge
Kondoa Remains of Iron Age smelting furnaces, tuiyeres, slag were found
L'Anse aux Meadows The fourth complex, an iron-smelting hut, was built into the brook bank, closer to the shore. This open-ended hut sheltered a small stone-and-clay furnace where iron was smelted from small deposits of ore found in bogs.
Madriu-Perafita-Claror Valley
Mount Nimba Site of 1 of the largest deposits of high grade iron ore ever discovered. In 1991 the Guinean government removed c 4500ha of the WHS which was wanted for Ore mining from the site boundaries saying it had been included "in error". WHC accepted this in order to preserve the integrity of the remainder. Nearby mining continues and threatens water purity in the WHS. Guinea gets funding partly for foregoing 50 million tons of Ore extraction.
Quanzhou Xiacaopu Iron Production Site of Qingyang Village in Anxi
Sites of Japan's Meiji Industrial Revolution
Sukur Major iron-producing region for north-eastern Nigeria (17th to early 20th century)
Völklingen Ironworks


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