WHS which include a "Harem" - An area within a building/complex set aside for the female members of the family and forbidden to men. Also known as a "Zenana"

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Connected Sites

Acropolis: "After the Ottoman conquest, the Parthenon was used as the garrison headquarters of the Turkish army,] and the Erechteum was turned into the Governor's private Harem
Agra Fort: "North of this entrance sits the fort's largest private residence, the Jahangiri Mahal, built as a harem for Jahangir.
Fort and Shalamar Gardens: "The Shish Mahal or Hall of Mirrors in the Lahore Fort. The walls are adorned with intricate tile work inlaid with mirrors. It is part of the Naulakha enclosure that served as a pivate quarter or Harem for women"
Granada: Alhambra - The Royal Complex includes a Harem which is "elaborately decorated and contains the living quarters for the wives and mistresses of the Arabic monarchs." (Wiki)
Istanbul: Topkapi Palace
Itchan Kala: The Tash Hauli Palace "built by Allah Kuli Khan (1826-1842). The first section of the palace to be built was the Harem (1830-1832), home to the Khan (first room on left) and his four legal wives in the five comfortable southern iwans and to female relatives."
Red Fort: "The Mumtaz Mahal, or Palace of Jewels, is the former harem of the Red Fort of Delhi.. Today it is converted into the Red Fort Museum of Archaeology"


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