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Belfries The St. Rumbold's Tower in Mechelen has several named bells, of which Salvator is the biggest. The bells used to be set in motion by foot by the tower keeper and his helpers to be rung for the celebrations in the cathedral and also in emergency situations such as fire or in time of war. (Dutch Wikipedia)
Brugge The "Triomfklok", also named Maria, was cast in 1680 and is one of the bigger bells in Belgium (6 tonnes, diameter of 2,06 metres). It is rung during festivities, e.g. the Procession of the Holy Blood.
Cologne Cathedral Petersglocke, or Saint Peter's bell, also called "Dicker Pitter", is the largest bell in Cologne Cathedral. With a weight of approximately 24,000 kilograms, a clapper weighing ~700 kilograms and a diameter of 322 centimetres, it is the second largest freely swinging ringable bell in the world.
Gusuku of Ryukyu Gusuku's the Bridge of Nations Bell of Shuri Castle
Gyeongju Emille Bell, one of largest bell made in Asia and it's said that its ringing can be heard over 3 Km radius when struck only lightly with the fist
Hwaseong Fortress "The gate (South Gate) also houses a bell called Paldalmun Dongjong, which was originally cast in Gaeseong in 1080 and was refounded in 1687 by Dohwaseung, the chief priest of Manuisa Temple for use in Buddhist ceremonies. 123 cm tall and 75 cm in diameter, it hangs from a dragon-shaped suspension ring..." (Wiki)
Independence Hall "Liberty Bell" (first hung in what was to become "Independence Hall" in 1753. Rung at the time of numerous events both "revolutionary" and other. Hidden during British occupation and rehung 1785. Moved from Independence Hall steeple to its "Declaration chamber" in 1852. Has been on various USA and World tours. Moved to a nearby pavilion in 1976 and then to a nearby purpose-built Liberty Bell centre" in Mar 2003)
Kaesong Yonbuk Bell, housed in Namdae Gate are both National Treasures of the DPRK "The gate houses the Yŏnbok Bell cast in 1346 and weighing 14 tonnes. Recovered from Yŏnbok Temple when it was destroyed by fire in 1563, the bell was used to call out the hours until the early 20th century." wiki
Kraków Zygmunt is a bell that hangs inside Zygmunt's Tower at Wawel Cathedral in Krak?w, Poland. It was cast in 1520 from metal melted from the weapons of soldiers defeated by Polish forces. The bell is rung only on the most important occasions, such as the election of a new pope, the outbreak of war, or the conclusion of war. To ring the bell requires 8-12 men.
Kremlin and Red Square "Tsar Bell" - Largest in the World
Mount Emei, including Leshan Giant Buddha Mount Emei - Baogua Temple's 25-ton bronze Bell, reputedly the second-largest bell in China. Its echo claim to be heard up to 15 km (9 miles) away.
Nikko Korean Bell in Nikko A large bell hangs in a pavilion near a pagoda in Toshogu Shrine, the final resting place of Ieyasu Tokugawa, the first of the Tokugawa Shoguns. The bell was a gift from the Joseon Dynasty of Korea.
Santiago de Compostela The [Clock] tower houses the Cathedral's largest bell, also known as Berenguela. The original from 1678 cracked and was replaced by the current one (...). It is said that if there are ever 13 strokes at midnight instead of 12, the Devil will have an extra magical hour to roam around."
Strasbourg Cathedral: Sechs Glocken konnten damals erhalten werden, darunter die große, 1427 gegosseneHeiliggeist- oder Totenglocke (auch le bourdon oder le grand bourdon genannt). Sie ist ein Werk von Meister Hans Gremp und wiegt rund 8.500 Kilogramm. (Wiki)
Tauric Chersonese Bell of Chersonesos
Torun Tuba Dei (Latin for "God's Trumpet"), is the largest medieval bell in Poland and one of the largest medieval bells in Europe, hanging in the tower of Ss. Johns Cathedral in Toruń. The bell weighs almost 7,500 kg (including a 200-kg clapper), has a diameter of 2.27 m, and is 2 m high. (wiki)
Valletta Perched above the Grand Harbour, the Siege Bell Memorial is a simple monument symbolising the plight of the many people who fought and died for Malta during the Second World War. It was built in 1992 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of when Malta received the George Cross for the display of bravery and valour shown during the attacks on the island from 1940-42.
Vienna Pummerin is the name of the bell in the Stephansdom in Vienna. It is the largest bell in Austria and the third largest swinging bell in Europe at 20,130 kg. The bell bears three reliefs showing the Blessed Virgin as the Immaculate Conception, a scene from the Ottoman siege of Vienna (1683), and a scene of the conflagration in 1945.
Westminster "Big Ben"


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