Damaged in World War I

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Belfries Amiens, Arras, Béthune, Comines, Dendermonde, Leuven, Mechelen, Nieuwpoort, Ypres
Dolomites Vie Ferrate built to enable troops to traverse the area / Remains of Gun emplacements, hospitals and trenches / Tunnels built both for protection but also as methods of attack by placing large amounts of explosives under opposing troops. "...The events which cost the lives of thousands and literally devastated the mountain skyline (the Col di Lana and Lagazuoi peaks were blown up by mines), have become history and traces of this international tragedy can still be found in the places themselves (fortifications, trenches, mule-tracks and roads)" (nom file)
Flemish Béguinages Dendermonde: the Beguine church was burned down by the Germans
Gonbad-e Qâbus "Damage to the brickwork of the tower had occurred during WWI and in 1928 restoration works were carried out" (AB)
Great Spa Towns of Europe Spa: "Theatre rebuilt after destruction of the eighteenth century theatre during WW1". (Nomination File, p. 348)
Mehmed Paša Sokolović Bridge "During World War I, in 1914-1915, piers 3 and 4 were blown up with dynamite" (AB)
Nord-Pas de Calais Mining Basin During the 1914-1918 War, the Basin was cut in two by the Front. The occupied eastern section was flooded when the invasion occurred; it suffered lasting damage (AB ev)
Padua’s fourteenth-century fresco cycles During the bombings of the First World War a bomb hit the façade of the Cathedral which ruined the upper part.
Ravenna "The Basilica of Sant' Apollinare Nuovo .....The present apse is a reconstruction after being damaged during WWI" (Wiki)
Reims German shellfire during the opening engagements of the First World War on 20 September 1914 burned, damaged and destroyed important parts of the cathedral
St. Kilda "a German submarine arrived in Village Bay on the morning of 15 May 1918 and after issuing a warning, started shelling the island. Seventy-two shells in all were fired and the wireless station was destroyed. The manse, church and jetty storehouse were also damaged but there was no loss of life" (Wiki)
Statue of Liberty The access to the torch was closed after the damage sustained on the Black Tom explosion - The damage to the Statue of Liberty was estimated to be $100,000 ($2,273,000 in 2017 dollars using the CPI conversion), and included damage to the skirt and torch (wiki)
Wooden Churches of Southern Malopolska The Saints Philip and James Church in Sękowa was damaged during 1914–1915 years of World War I in the Gorlice–Tarnów Offensive. The wooden material was used for trenches and for firewood.
Wooden Tserkvas of the Carpathian Region Bell Tower of the Tserkva of the Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Chotyniec, Poland)


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