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Charles V

Holy Roman Emperor from 1519 to 1556.

The connection belongs to Individual People connections.

Connected Sites

  • Aachen Cathedral: Coronation on 23 october 1520
  • Aranjuez: Bought it as hunting grounds
  • Cordoba: "The most significant alteration was building a Renaissance cathedral nave in the middle of the structure. It was constructed by permission of Charles V"
  • Donana National Park: was the favorite hunting reserve of Charles V
  • El Escurial: Place where he's burried
  • Granada: Destroyed parts of the Alhambra for his own palace
  • Loire Valley: visited the chateaus in 1539 on demand of the king of France
  • Mantua and Sabbioneta: stayed at the Palazzo Te on two occasions, in 1530 and 1532
  • Potosi: first called "Villa Imperial de Carlos V"
  • Toledo: the temporary seat of the supreme power under Charles V, who endowed it with the status of imperial and crowned city


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