Sites displaying or depicting chariots.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Archaeological Site of Delphi "The life-size statue of a chariot driver was found in 1896 at the Sanctuary of Apollo in Delphi." (wiki)
Chola Temples Darasuram: Horse drawn chariot
Ellora Caves Ellora Cave no. 25 depicting hindu sun god with his chariot
Hampi Stone chariot with two elephants pulling
Luang Prabang The Golden Royal Funeral Chariot is kept in Wat Xiang Thong
Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor Ca. 130 chariots were buried together with the soldiers
Nubian Monuments Relief of Ramses II located in Abu Simbel, depicted riding a chariot when fighting at the Battle of Kadesh
Pompei Excavators in 2021 found the bronze and tin chariot almost fully intact, with wooden remains and the imprint of ropes.
Sun Temple, Konarak Shaped as the chariot of sun god Surya
Tassili n'Ajjer The paintings and engravings of the Horse Period commonly depict horses and horse-drawn chariots.
Thracian tomb of Kazanlak A chariot race is depicted in the murals inside the tomb
Yin Xu Includes Chariots pit of the Shang Dynasty


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