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Nadir Kinossian is a Postdoctoral research fellow in the Department of Culture and Literature at the TromsÝ University (Norway) and an Honorary Lecturer at Cardiff University school of City and Regional Planning (UK). Nadirís research interests include borders in the European North, urban governance, Russian regional development policy and Russian contemporary modernisation. Nadir holds a PhD (City and Regional Planning) from Cardiff University (2010), a Masterís degree in Political Science from the University of Missouri, USA (2005), a Masterís degree in Urban Planning from Cardiff University (2002) and a Degree in Architecture from Kazan State Academy of Building and Architecture, Russia (1996). Prior to TromsÝ, he worked at Cardiff University (2010-2011), in a UK-based consultancy Ove Arup (2006-2010) and in municipal administration and academia in Kazan, Russia (1996-2003).

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