Thomas Cook Round the World tour 1872-1873

WHS recorded as having been visited by by the first ever round the world tourist trip as organised and accompanied by Thomas Cook (1808-92) - pioneer of organised tourism. Duration - 222 days in 1872/3. Cost - 200 guineas. Route - US (New York - the Statue of Liberty wouldn't be built until 1886, Niagara Falls, Detroit, Chicago, Salt Lake City, Sierra Nevada, San Francisco), Japan (Yokohama, Nagasaki, Osaka, Hiogo/Kobe, Yedo), China (Shanghai, Hong Kong), Malaya (Singapore, Penang), Ceylon (Galle), India (Madras, Calcutta -, Benares, Agra, Kawnpore, Lucknow, Delhi, Jubblepore, Bombay - but before the Victoria Terminus was built in 1887), Egypt/Palestine (Suez, Cairo, Jaffa, Jerusalem, Damascus, Baalbek, Beyrout, Constantinople)
"On completion of the tour, on or around the 6th of May, I hope to be able to satisfy the demands of inquirers about the practicability and expense of tours around the World" (Written from Constantinople)


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Baalbek Mar 1873
Damascus Mar 1873
Elephanta Caves c Feb 1873 "We arrived at Bombay nearly a week before our departure for Egypt, and had ample time for the inspection of this rapidly increasing city. A trip to the Island of Elephanta, where there are strange rock hewn temples, occupied one of the days allotted to Bombay.
Istanbul April 1873 "Round the world I have found no place so wretchedly provided with hotels as Constantinople and I shall be glad when, on the Sea of Marmara, "homeward bound" we turn our backs on the Golden Horn"
Melaka and George Town Dec 20 1872 "still gently wafted by the congenial monsoon we sped our course to Penang. In the settlement we were told that there are nice retreats and beautiful views worthy of tourist inspection but the town was disagreeably close and hot and there was but little inducement to promenade the streets
Old City of Jerusalem Mar 1873 "The city of Jerusalem continues to expand in a westerly direction. The talk of a railway from Jaffa to Jerusalem is again revived but noone could tell me who was going to construct it or how the funds were to be realized"
Old Town of Galle 26 Dec 1872. Spent 3 days instead of 8 planned and had to miss out Kandy and Colombo! "Galle itself was close and the air was damp as a sirocco. We were glad once more to get under way for India".
Qutb Minar c Feb 1873 "Delhi is one of the most interesting places in c Feb 1873 "Our good friend, Mr. Smith, is a power in Delhi, both in spiritual, sanitary, and social affairs. He spent a day with us in a visit to Kutuh, 11 miles distant, where there is one of the most wonderful obelisks in the world, surrounded by ruins of the greatest antiquity and interest."
Red Fort c Feb 1873 "Delhi is one of the most interesting places in India, and its interest to English visitors was greatly augmented by the events of 1857. The great fort, encircling the late King's Palace; the rich marble structures of the Palace, baths, and harem; the pedestal on which stood the famed peacock Throne; the Great Mosque..."
Taj Mahal c Feb 1873 "...where the celebrated Taj mausoleum stands prominent among all the monumental edifices in the world"


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