River Ports

Ports along rivers which are not accesible to seagoing ships.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Bamberg On the Main
Cornwall and West Devon Mining Landscape Morwellham Quay: a historic river port in Devon, England that developed to support the local mines (wiki)
Fray Bentos At the Uruguay River
Santa Cruz de Mompox "The existence of Mompox as an intermediate river port on the main route from the port of Cartagena to the inter ior of New Granada provided the physical background for important cultural influences. " (AB)
Tlacotalpan "Tlacotalpan is a river port close to the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, only accessible by means of the Papaloapan river ..... It became the port for the products of Oaxaca and Puebla destined for Veracruz and beyond to New Orleans, Havana, and Bordeaux. By 1855 its fleet had grown to eighteen steam-ships and one large sailing ship, used to transport timber, tobacco, cotton, grain, sugar, brandy, leather, salt meat, crocodiles, heron feathers, furniture, and soap." (AB)
Torun As a Hansa town it can be compared with, in particular, Visby and Tallinn .... It differs from them primarily in terms of its site, as a river port rather than a sea-port. (AB ev)


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