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Magic Squares

Magic Squares can consist of numbers or letters (word squares). A word square consists of a set of words, all having the same number of letters as the total number of words; when the words are written out in a square grid horizontally, the same set o

The connection belongs to Constructions connections.

Connected Sites

  • Abbey of St Gall: St Gallen Library, "in the far southeast corner you'll spot The Venerable Bede, a seventh-century English monk from Northumbria who wrote one of the first histories of England: he is shown as a scholar, with, beside him, a magic number square..."
  • Khajuraho Group of Monuments: Parshvanath Jain temple (numbers)
  • Pompei: Herculaneum (letters, a SATOR square)
  • Siena: At the wall of the Duomo of Siena (letters, a SATOR square)
  • Works of Antoni Gaudí: At the Sagrada Familia Link


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