WHS which are or contain a "Lagerstätte"

"Lagerstätte (plural Lagerstätten) is a German term that refers to a sedimentary layer with unusual occurrences of relatively well-preserved organic remains. These may consist of complete bodies or parts with soft tissues (Konservat-Lagerstätten) or densely concentrated skeletal remains (Konzentrat-Lagerstätten). Such occurrences have been the focus of much paleontological attention because of the wealth of information they provide on extinct organisms and also because deciphering the causes of exceptional preservation is intriguing science. These deposits reflect special circumstances of necrolysis, biostratinomy, and diagenesis that combined to preserve relatively intact organic remains, usually representing one time and place." (source). There is a comprehensive, but incomplete, list of such sites World-wide in Wiki but other sources with a reference linking a WHS to the term can be used as justification for the Connection.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Anticosti (Ordovician) Several references in the Nomination file "On a identifié les plus anciens vers rubanés, ronds et plats connus à ce jour grâce à une préservation exceptionnelle de ces petits animaux à corps mou (Konservat-Lagerstätte)".
Australian Fossil Mammal Sites Riversleigh "recognised for the series of well preserved fossils deposited from the Late Oligocene to the Miocene" and Naracoorte (Quaternary) "series of caves that preserve numerous pleistocene megafauna, like Thylacoleo" (Wiki)
Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks Burgess Shale "famous for the exceptional preservation of the soft parts of its fossils. At 508 million years old (middle Cambrian), it is one of the earliest fossil beds containing soft-part imprints." (Wiki)
Chengjiang Fossil Site Maotianshan Shales: "The preservation of an extremely diverse faunal assemblage renders the Maotianshan shale the world's most important for understanding the evolution of early multi-cellular life." (Wiki)
Ischigualasto / Talampaya "The Ischigualasto Formation is an important paleontological unit, considered a konzentrat-lagerstätte due to its density of fossils" (wiki)
Joggins Fossil Cliffs (Carboniferous) "A fossil site that preserves a diverse terrestrial ecosystem consisting of plants like lycopsids, giant arthropods, fish, and the oldest known sauropsid, Hylonomus." (Wiki)
Lena Pillars Cambrian, Sinsk Algal Lens (wiki) - “The Sinsk Biota is the only Cambrian Lagerstatte occurring in carbonates" (nom file)
Messel Pit (Paleogene) "A fossil site with specimens of fish and other organisms that are so highly preserved that their organs are often completely intact in fossil form, and even the skin color can sometimes be determined." (Wiki)
Miguasha National Park (Devonian) "Some of the fish, fauna, and spore fossils found at Miguasha are rare and ancient species" (Wiki)
Mistaken Point "one of the most diverse and well-preserved collections of Precambrian fossils" (wiki)
Monte San Giorgio "the most importantfossil Lagerstätte among Middle Triassic marine faunas known today" (Nom File)


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