WHS where the structure of an icehouse can be seen.

The connection belongs to Constructions connections.

Connected Sites

Ancient Merv: Locations 886-015, 016 and 017 1st, 2nd and 3rd "of three icehouses"
Bam Cultural Landscape: Outside the fortified enclosure, north-east of the Citadel, there is a large Icehouse (Yakhchāl). (AB ev)
Medici Villas and Gardens: Boboli Gardens: domed icehouse (ghiacciaia) half-sunk into a shaded slope (wiki)
Serra de Tramuntana: Description of "hydrological landscape" in AB Eval "structures to store snow and make ice".
Tabriz Bazaar: Tabriz Bazaar includes 1 icehouse (AB ev)
Versailles: At Marie Antoinette's Estate


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