Hit by Tsunami

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Belem Nov 1, 1755
Churches of Chiloé May 22 1960
Costiera Amalfitana Amalfi in 1343
Mahabalipuram Dec 26 2004
Melaka and George Town George Town, Penang Dec 26 2004
Ogasawara Islands Chichijima 1826, 1944, 1960
Old Town of Galle Dec 26 2004
Papahanaumokuakea The 2008 Nomination File referred to the potential for tsunami damage but concluded that "As the marine ecosystem has evolved with periodic disturbance by tsunamis and seasonally high wave energy events, its capacity to recover fully from tsunamis and other wave events would be expected." In fact the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake/Tsunami did cause significant damage as per this this early report but later ones indicate recovery as predicted -
Rapa Nui Apparently Easter Island was hit by the same Tsunami that damged Chiloe. "Although Tongariki's moais were toppled in the chaotic end of that era, most of the damage to altars, the ahu , came later. Cristino said cut stones from the altar were removed in the late 19th Century to make fences for the sheep ranch that had taken over the island. In 1960, a tsunami swept over the site, scattering moais and ahu stonework over an area of eight acres."
Ujung Kulon National Park 1883 Krakatoa; 2018 tsunami: could have been caused by undersea landslides after Anak Krakatau volcano erupted.
West Norwegian Fjords Nomination File "On several occasions in historical times, rock avalanches plunging deeply into the fjords have generated large tsunamis that have destroyed villages and killed people. The most recent catastrophic event was the Tafjord disaster in 1934, when about 3 million m3 of rock fell into the fjord and created a tsunami (huge wave) reaching a maximum height of 62 m (Figs. 9 and 10). After moving 8-10 km along the fjord it was reduced to a height of 10-15 m, swamped three villages and killed 41 people. The small community at Fj?r? was totally destroyed by the tsunami, and 17 people lost their lives."


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