History of Aviation

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Acropolis Daedalus and Icarus
Camagüey "An event of worldwide connotation was the Camagüey Sevilla flight, made by the Spanishes Mariano Barberán y Joaquin Collar in 1933. They flew the airplane so called 'Cuatro vientos'.."(nom file). It was the longest Atlantic Ocean crossing until then. The plane disappeared when continuing from Camaguey to Mexico.
Cordoba Abbas Ibn Firnas, known for an early attempt at aviation
Grand Canyon 1956 Grand Canyon TWA – United Airlines Aviation Accident Site, a U.S. National Historic Landmark since 2014. It was the first commercial airline incident to exceed one hundred fatalities (Wiki).
Paris, Banks of the Seine Enri Giffard (commemorated on the Eiffel Tower), Alberto Santos-Dumont (rounded the Eiffel Tower)
Phoenix Islands site of Amelia Earhart's planecrash
St. Petersburg David Schwarz developed his airship there as an Austrian military attaché


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