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Gates depicting Lions

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Connected Sites

  • Baroque Churches: the gates of San Agustin Church in Intramuros are adorned with Chinese Lion Dogs (Also called as Fu Dogs) that were given by the Chinese people coexisting with the christians that time.
  • Butrint: Lion Gate
  • Cathedral of St. James in Sibenik: The doors of the Saint-James' Cathedral in Sibenik are flanked by Venetian Lions.
  • Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Link
  • Crac des Chevaliers Link
  • Delos: The Terrace of the Lions dedicated to Apollo by the people of Naxos shortly before 600 BC, had originally nine to twelve squatting, snarling marble guardian lions along the Sacred Way; one is inserted over the main gate to the Venetian Arsenal. (wiki)
  • Gusuku of Ryukyu: Gusuku's Many Gates at Shuri castle are decorated by Shisa, the local guardian lion
  • Hattusha: Lion Gate (14th century BC), depicts two lions
  • Incense Route of the Negev: Avdat Byzantine Gate
  • Modena: Cathedral
  • Museumsinsel (Museum Island): Ishtar Gate in the Pergamon Museum
  • Mycenae and Tiryns: Lion Gate of Mycenae (1250 BC), depicts two lionesses
  • Old City of Jerusalem: Lions' Gate in the Old City Walls (1517). Near the gate?s crest are four figures of "lions" after which the gate is named (they actually depict panthers).
  • Petra: The Lions Temple
  • Sigiriya: Lion Gate ruins
  • Trogir: The doors of Saint Lawrence in Trogir are flanked by Venetian Lions.
  • Vigan: Vigan's Archbishop's Palace: gates adorned with Chinese Lion Dogs


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