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  • Al Ain: Saudi Arabia claimed a large part of Abu Dhabi territory including the Buraimi Oasis where Al Ain is situated. Fighting took place in the 1950's involving the Trucial Oman Scouts - the British organised paramilitary unit for the "Trucial states. Saudi forces and supporters were expelled. In 1974 the Treaty of Jeddah was negotiated and Saudi in effect withdrew its claim but gaining elsewhere. UAE has never ratified this treaty.
  • Battir: Lies virtually on the Green Line that divides Israeli and Palestine lands
  • Bethlehem: The pilgrimage route passes through East Jerusalem.
  • Gorham's Cave Complex: The sovereignty of Gibraltar is a major point of contention in Anglo-Spanish relations as Spain asserts a claim to the territory (wiki)
  • Hebron/Al-Khalil Old Town: Lies on the West Bank. The city is divided into two sectors: H1, controlled by the Palestinian Authority and H2, roughly 20% of the city, administered by Israel.
  • Kinabalu Park: The Philippines has a "dormant" claim on the territory of Sabah on the grounds that it was leased to the British North Borneo Company by the Sultan of Sulu (who had been given it by the Sultan of Brunei)without rights of transference. either to the British norr by them to Malaysia. The issue has re-arisen recently because of conflicting maritime claims in the Sulu Sea
  • Lorentz National Park: Lies in West-Papua Link
  • Los Glaciares: At the 1981 WHC in Sydney Chile tabled a formal statement including:- "The Government of Chile will study the possibility of presenting, in the near future, for inscription in the World Heritage List, the sector of the Glaciers' Region located within its national jurisdiction". Argentina's reply included "the Argentine Delegation rejects firmly this unwarranted declaration all the more so as the whole area of the "National Park Los Glaciares" is unquestionably situated in Argentinian territory. This is the first time that Chile attempts to call in question the frontiers in that region. The "Parque Nacional Los Glaciares" was established in 1937 and, there exists an effective, peaceful and up to this day uncontested occupation by Argentina of this whole zone which belongs to it in accordance with the Treaty on frontiers signed by Argentina and Chile in 1881." In 1985 Argentina created the town of El Chalten inside the park to cement its claim/hold.
  • Medieval Monuments in Kosovo: All 4 monuments are now located in the de facto state of Kosovo, which territory is claimed by Serbia
  • Old City of Jerusalem
  • Potala Palace
  • Preah Vihear Temple
  • Qinghai Hoh Xil: Free Tibet claims Qinghai (Amdo) as a part of independent Tibet. Link
  • Silk Roads: Lies partly in the Uyghur AR
  • Tauric Chersonese: Crimea Link
  • Timbuktu: Claimed by by the Tuareg rebels of the MNLA, as part of the nation of Azawad
  • Tomb of Askia: In Gao, claimed as their capital by the Tuareg rebels of the MNLA, as part of the nation of Azawad
  • Wadden Sea: Disputed area in the Ems-Dollard Estuary between Netherlands and Germany (left out of the WHS core zone): the Dutch believe that the border runs through the geographical centre of the estuary, whereas the Germans claim it runs through the deepest channel (which is close to the Dutch coast). As the parties are friendly states with an open border, the argument goes no further than an agreement to disagree (wiki)
  • Wrangel Island: By some groups in USA  Link
  • Xinjiang Tianshan: East Turkestan Link


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