Damaged by Landslide

WHS damaged / covered by major landslides. Occurence of landslide must be named.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Australian Convict Sites Great North Road Slope failure resulted in collapse of the retaining wall and road structure of a major section of Devines Hill in 1857. The road was realigned with evidence of buttresses on the original alignment still clearly visible.
Chavin In 1945, a good many of the monuments were covered up by a disastrous landslide
Glacier parks Lituya Bay: On July 9, 1958, an earthquake caused a landslide in the Crillon Inlet at the head of the bay, generating a massive megatsunami (wiki)
Ouro Preto The Solar Baeta Neves, a historic 19th century mansion, was destroyed by a landslide in January 2022.
Swiss Tectonic Arena Sardona The Glarus Alps are ... the site of the largest post-glacial landslide in the Central Alpine region (AB ev)
Tajik National Park The lake formed in 1911, after a great earthquake, when the Murghab River was blocked by a big landslide. Scientists believe that the landslide dam formed by the earthquake, known as the Usoi Dam, is unstable given local seismicity, and that the terrain below the lake is in danger of catastrophic flood if the dam were to fail during a future earthquake (wiki)
Volcanoes of Kamchatka Valley of Geysers: On June 3, 2007, a massive mudflow inundated two thirds of the valley (wiki)


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