Cave Temples or Churches

Built into natural caves with possible outside features and carving.

The connection belongs to Architecture connections.

Connected Sites

Budapest: Gellert Cave Chapel
Cliff of Bandiagara: Dwellings include altars, sanctuaries
Island of Patmos: Cave of the Apocalypse
Mount Emei, including Leshan Giant Buddha: Emeishan's Jiulao Cave of Xianfeng Temple
Mount Wutai: Shancai and Shangshancai cave temples
Ohrid Region: Struga
Paphos: Agia Solomoni
Silk Roads: Bin, Maijishan, Kizil and more
Skocjan Caves: A valuable archaeological find in Fly Cave (Slovene: Mušja jama) indicates the influence of Greek civilization, where a cave temple was located after the end of the Bronze Age and in the Iron Age (wiki)


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