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Cape Floral Region The 'boomslang' at Kirstenbosch: This walkway is 130 m long, narrow and slender, with a few wider view-point areas, and lightly snakes its way through the canopy, in a discreet, almost invisible way. The walkway is crescent-shaped and takes advantage of the sloping ground; it touches the forest floor in two places, and raises visitors to 12 m above ground. It is more than just a traditional boardwalk – like a snake, it winds and dips."
Gondwana Rainforests O’Reilly’s Tree Top Walk at Lamington NP: "The Tree Top Walk, was the first of its kind in Australia, is 180 metres in length and is made up of nine suspension bridges, with much of the walkway being 15 metres above the ground. Two observation decks have been constructed in a Strangler Fig above the walk way, the highest one being 30 metres (approximately 110 feet) above the ground." & the Skywalk Lookout at Dorrigo NP ("Skywalk lookout is a 70m boardwalk that soars over the edge of the escarpment some 21m above the rainforest. Easily accessible, anyone can enjoy the panoramic views of the Rosewood rainforest basin.")
Gunung Mulu "The Mulu canopy walk is a 420 metre walkway, suspended 25 metres above the forest floor and still one of the longest tree based canopy walks in the world."
Kew Gardens Treetop Walkway: "At 18 metres high and over 200 meters long, visitors to the park can walk amongst the treetops of sweet chesnut, lime and oak trees. The Walkway is accessible via a lift or 118 steps and not only provides great vistas across the park and through the trees, but allows people to experience nature amongst the tree tops."
Kinabalu Park Canopy Walk at Poring Hot Springs: "There are 3 circuits of canopy walkways with a total length of 373.6 meters and a height of up to 41 meters depending on the slope of the land below. The walkway is open to the public in May 1990. The first circuit has a 'Y' shape with a total length of 157.6 meters, and has been established as a tourist walkway."
Nyungwe National Park A 160m long and 70m high suspension bridge
Singapore Botanic Gardens SPH Walk of Giants: "an elevated boardwalk which measures approximately 260 m in length and takes visitors from ground level up to a height of 8 m. The boardwalk brings visitors up-close to a diversity of plant species that are found in lowland rainforests in the region."
Sundarbans National Park Half km elevated concrete and netted walkway at Dobanki watch tower. "It resembles a flyover with a 12 ft high side fencing of grill and strong net in the form of a canopy to protect tourists from wildlife."
Wet Tropics of Queensland Mamu Rainforest (Mamu Tropical Skywalk: " Elevated walkways, a cantilever, and observation tower offer visitors the exhilarating experience of being high in the rainforest canopy, along with providing spectacular panoramic views of World Heritage rainforest landscapes. In Wooroonooran National Park ") & Daintree Discovery Centre Aerial Walkway ("This spectacular mid-canopy walkway provides a living link between the Entrance, Coffee Shop area and the Canopy Tower. The Aerial Walkway allows unprecedented access to the mid-level rainforest and offers stunning views over McLean’s Creek. Constructed with visitor safety and comfort in mind, the walkway enables wheelchair access to both the Interpretive Display Centre and the base of the Tower.")


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