Built in the 2nd century

WHS whose OUV derives entirely or significantly from 2nd century constructions.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Bosra For its 2nd century Roman theatre
Dengfeng The nominated buildings were initially constructed over a span of eighteen centuries between 118 AD and the 20th century. The Tishi, Shaoshi and Qimu Gates have survived since Han times
Djémila "Djémila is an outstanding example of ... (an) architectural ensemble illustrating a significant stage in Roman history of North Africa, from the 2nd to the 6th centuries". (It)is an " ancient Roman colony founded during the reign of Nerva (96 - 98 A.D.)".Around the beginning of the 3rd century, it expanded beyond its ramparts with the creation of the Septimius Severus Temple, the Arch of Caracalla, the market and the civil basilica." (AB)
Dougga/Thugga "Dougga is the best preserved Roman small town in North Africa" - the Roman theatre dates from 168 or 169 CE, and is among the earliest of the major remaining Roman structures that mostly date from the 3rd century
Frontiers of the Roman Empire Hadrian's Wall - Construction commenced in AD122 Antonine Wall from AD 142 onwards. The inscribed sections of the German Limes were also 2nd century - this period was the apogee of the territorial expansion of the Roman Empire
Roșia Montană Over 166 years starting in 106 CE, the Romans extracted some 500 tonnes of gold from the site (AB ev)
Sabratha Absorbed by Rome in 46AD and "enjoyed its greatest prosperity in the 2nd and 3rd centuries. This was the period which saw the construction of grandiose monuments" (AB)
Timgad founded around 100
Tyre Roman city: triumphal arch and hippodrome
Villa Adriana (Tivoli) The Imperial residence was built over it in two stages, 118-25 and 125-38. (AB ev)


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