Axis Mundi

Locations that have been regarded as the Center of the World / Axis Mundi / Omphalos (Navel of the World)

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Aksum Stelae of the Aksumite Empire
Archaeological Site of Delphi
Fujisan Japan's highest mountain, Mount Fuji, has long symbolized the world axis in Japanese culture (wiki)
Gebel Barkal
Istanbul Hagia Sophia
Kilimanjaro National Park
Mahabodhi Temple Complex
Mount Kenya
Old City of Jerusalem
Pyramids (Memphis)
Rome Umbilicus urbis Romae, a structure in the Roman Forum from where all the Roman roads parted.
Tak'alik Ab'aj "The design and placement of the largest monumental building on the site – Structure 5.... – is based on a “cosmogram,” a geometric figure depicting the universe wherein the arrangement of the buildings follows a main east-west alignment, the intersection of which with a north-south axis is the “Ombligo-Mux” (“navel,” “mux” in the indigenous Mam language) as a central point or axis mundi for the city" (AB ev)
Teotihuacan "Sun Pyramid was the axis mundi for Teotihuacan culture, a space from which celestial and underworld levels were accessed symbolically."
Vatican City St. Peter's Basilica


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