World Heritage in Paraguay



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Map of World Heritage in Paraguay

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  • Cultural
  • Natural
  • Mixed
  • Tentative

World Heritage Sites

Jesuit Missions of Trinidad and Jesus 1993 Cultural 8 3.22

Tentative List

Defensores del Chaco National Park 2022 Natural 0 N/A
Jesuit Mission of San Cosme y San Damián 2022 Cultural 0 N/A
Mbaracayú Forest Nature Reserve 2003 Mixed 0 N/A
Médanos del Chaco National Park 2022 Natural 0 N/A
Paraguayan Pantanal 2018 Natural 0 N/A
Parque Nacional Ybyturuzu 1993 Natural 0 N/A
Parque National Tinfunke 1993 Natural 0 N/A
Railway Complex and English Village of Sapucai 2018 Cultural 0 N/A
Rock Art of Jsukaevnda and Cerro Corá 2022 Cultural 0 N/A
Sistema Ferrocarril Pte. Carlos Antonio Lopez 1993 Cultural 0 0%
Templo San Buenaventura de Yaguaron 2022 Cultural 0 N/A
Yerba Mate Cultural Landscape 2022 Cultural 0 100%

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