WHS with enclave

WHS whose inscribed boundaries completely surround one or more non-inscribed "enclaves".

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Al-Ahsa Oasis Components 1 and 2 have 2 modern villages excluded
ChaƮne des Puys 2 enclaves for 2 still active quarries
Colonies of Benevolence The Frederiksoord component excludes an area with small and medium sized buildings in the core. The Veenhuizen component excludes a modern village in the south-central part of the colony. (AB Ev + Map)
Diyarbakir Fortress and Hevsel Gardens The City Walls are in the core zone in their entirety, but the Old City within the walls is a Buffer Zone
Fujisan The village of Motosu next to Lake Motosu is excluded and fully surrounded by the inscribed area. No explanation is given in the Nomination documentation, nor is any comment made by the AB
Kakadu National Park Jabiluka Uranium Mine. (In 2011 another enclave known as the Koongarra Project Area" was incorporated into the site in a boundary modification.)
Namhansanseong One enclave, village of Namhansanseong. (Map of Inscribed property)
Pitons of Reunion See map. Three enclaves.
Rohtas Fort The village of Rohtas
Roman Walls of Lugo Only the complete circle of walls is inscribed - not the city within them
Sichuan Giant Panda Sanctuaries The villages of Wolong and Qiaoji
Takht-e Soleyman Nosratabad village
Val d'Orcia Totally surrounds the city of Pienza (which is inscribed in its own right)
Wadden Sea The inscribed boundary extends into the sea beyond the East and North Friesian Islands. In the East most of the islands are partially, and in the North others such as Sylt, Amrum and Fohr are totally excluded


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A connection should:

  1. Not be "self evident"
  2. Link at least 3 different sites
  3. Not duplicate or merely subdivide the "Category" assignment already identified on this site.
  4. Add some knowledge or insight (whether significant or trivial!) about WHS for the users of this site
  5. Be explained, with reference to a source