Sites from antiquity with identified architects

WHS (or significant parts thereof) dating from Antiquity (before 476 AD), where a named architect is known as responsible for the design.

The connection belongs to Architecture connections.

Connected Sites

Acropolis: Ictinus - "Ancient sources identify Ictinus and Callicrates as co-architects of the Parthenon" (wiki)
Ancient Thebes: Senenmut (Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut)
Archaeological Site of Delphi: Dinocrates, Spintharus of Corinth
Delos: Dinocrates
Olympia: Porch of Agnaptus
Pyramids (Memphis): The Pyramid of Djoser was designed by Sneferu
Pythagoreion and Heraion of Samos: Tunnel of Eupalinos, Theodorus of Samos is the architect of the Doric Order temple Heraion of Samos.
Rome: Apollodorus of Damascus designed Trajan's Forum, the Temple of Trajan, and Trajan's Column. Cocceius Auctus built the original Pantheon. Rabirius designed the Flavian Palace.
Verona: Lucius Vitruvius Cerdo designed Arco dei Gavi


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