Sea of Japan

The Sea of Japan is a marginal sea of the western Pacific Ocean, between the Asian mainland, the Japanese archipelago and Sakhalin. A controversy exists about the sea name, with South Korea promoting the appellation East Sea. Each property is either located directly on or within sight of the coast.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Central Sikhote-Alin "The site stretches from the peaks of Sikhote-Alin to the Sea of Japan" - AB Document
Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine The site includes three ports: Tomogaura, Okidomari, and Yunotsu "To the south-west of Honshu Island, just inland from the Sea of Japan, is a cluster of silver-bearing mountains, rising to 600 metres and interspersed by deep river valleys." - AB Document
Okinoshima Island
Seokguram Grotto and Bulguksa Temple "Sokkuram Grotto is located on the south-eastern slope of Mount Toham, facing the East sea." - AB Document
Shirakami-Sanchi "In the north of Honshu, on the border of Aomori and Akita Prefectures, 15km inland from the Sea of Japan." - AB Document


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