Relics from John the Baptist

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Aachen Cathedral Has the decapitation cloth
Amiens Cathedral The "head" was brought back as booty from Constantinople in 1206 from 4th crusade and was a partial raison d'etre for the cathedral's construction. Later "lost" but 19th century replica resides in a chapel.
Damascus Umayyad Mosque - A shrine is said to contain the "head"
Istanbul Topkapi Palace has an arm and part of the skull
Mount Athos "parts" of John the Baptist are held in Prodromos Skete (Prodromos means "forerunner" i.e. John the Baptist)
Old City of Jerusalem John the Baptist Church possesses one of his bones
Rome A fragment of the "head" is held in the Church of San Silvestre in Capite (Named after the "head")
Valletta Relic of the arm in the cathedral


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