Peter the Great

Places visited by Peter the Great on his European "Embassy" 1697-8 or otherwise connected to him in a specific and documented way.

Connected Sites

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Amsterdam Canal Ring Peter the Great stayed at Herengracht 527 during a visit to Amsterdam in 1716 to learn about ship building
Derbent During the Russo-Persian War, 1722-1723, known in Russian historiography as the Persian campaign of Peter the Great - "On May 27 of 1722 Peter 1st with his troops landed on the North sea shores of Dagestan and advanced to Derbent which was entered without fighting on August 23." (AB)
Great Spa Towns of Europe "The international recognition of the city of Spa grew when Russian Tsar Peter the Great visited to take the cure in 1717". (AB Ev) The water of the Géronstère souce "cured Peter the Great of his digestive problems." (Nomination File, p. 96) Peter the Great also visited Baden bei Wien in 1698 and Karlovy Vary in 1711. A monument to him can be found in the town of Karlovy Vary. (Nomination File, p. 87)
Maritime Greenwich Visited the Royal Observatory at Greenwich, observing Venus with the first Astronomer Royal, Flamsteed.
Riga (Then owned by Sweden)- "His first stop was at the Baltic town of Riga, where Peter took a vivid interest in the town's fortifications, based on the ones of the Famous French Marshal Vauban. Things got too far however, when a local guard ordered Peter away when he found that the young Russian was taking measurements of the Fort's walls and making sketches. Peter would never forget this incident and it would come back later when he declared war on Sweden, citing his rude reception at Riga as an excuse". Peter was present at the capture of Riga Riga is currently proposing to "give back" its statue of Peter the Great to St Petersburg as a 300th birthday present -"Some want to offer the statue as a present of goodwill. Others see it as a Russian occupier and want it out."
Roskilde Cathedral Measured there ((208.4cm!) in 1716 at the so called King's Pillar, where numerous kings have had their height measured over the years.
St. Petersburg 1703 - orders building of St Petersburg, Peterhof Palace etc
Tower of London Visited the Tower of London to view the Royal Mint as he was interested incoinage. While at the Tower, Peter was not shown the axe used to behead King Charles I, as it was feared he might throw it into the river! Peter remembered how angry the execution had made his father
Versailles 1717 - Visited Versailles on his second overseas jounrey. Met Louis XIV. Returned with ideas for Peterhof


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