Paintings by Venetian Vedutisti

Sites represented in paintings by Venetian Vedutisti. Venice, by the mid-18th century, became renowned as the centre of the vedutisti - painters of highly detailed, usually large-scale paintings of a cityscape or some other vista

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Connected Sites

Florence: Florence by Bellotto
Maritime Greenwich: Greenwich (Canaletto)
Naples: Naples by Gaspar van Wittel
Rome: Rome (all vedutisti)
Schönbrunn: Schonbrunn by Canaletto
Verona: Verona by Bellotto and Gaspar van Wittel
Vicenza: Vista by Canaletto with the Chiericati Palace and the Basilica by Palladio inserted in an imaginary venetian palladian cityscape and situated on the opposite banks, linked by the Rialto Bridge as projected (and never realized) by Palladio, of the Canal Grande
Vienna: Vienna (Bellotto)
Warsaw: Warsaw (Bellotto)
Westminster: Westminster by Canaletto


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