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Alejandro de Humboldt National Park Flora
Amami-Oshima Island There are abundant examples of diverse speciation and endemic species in the nominated property. Spiny rats form an endemic genus consisting of three species (Tokudaiada osimensis, T. tokunoshimensis, T. muenninki) endemic to each of the three regions of the nominated property in the Central Ryukyus. (Executive summary, p. 13)
Central Amazon Conservation Complex "The water bodies existing in these reserves (Mamirau√° and Amana) contain 64 species of electric fishes in seven families, including 3 species new to science, which represent the highest known diversity of this unique group of organisms in the world, with a level of radiation and adaptation akin to that of cichlids in the Rift Valley of Africa"
Colchic Rainforests and Wetlands Some amphibians provide interesting examples of landscape-dependent speciation in the Colchic Rainforests and Wetlands, when specific conditions trigger divergence without full isolation. The endemic herpetofauna of the Mtirala-Kintrishi nominated component area and its surroundings also provide compelling examples of ongoing evolution and speciation within this refuge area. Landscape dependent speciation has also been observed in the snow voles. (Nomination Text, p. 51)
Galapagos Islands Finches
Ivindo National Park "Ivindo River hosts a dozen species of weakly electrogenic fishes of the genus Paramormyrops (Mormyridae) whose speciation in the Ivindo River is a unique biological phenomenon". "The rivers of Gabon provide crucial habitat to one of the world's best examples of remarkable speciation in flowing waters." (AB Ev)
Jeju "A. koreana thrives in vast areas, and shows great genetic variation in the color of cones, and thus Jeju Island serves as a valuable source of research regarding the speciation of the conifer species. A. koreana is registered as a 'Red Listed' endangered plant species (LR/nt; ver 2.3, 1994) at the IUCN." - Nomination File
Lake Malawi Cichlids
Mammoth Cave "The geological setting has contributed to the species richness of the area with the cave system being old enough to have stable communities of fauna from three karst regions within an area large enough for speciation to have occurred. Nowhere else do the blind fish Amblyopsis spelaea and 'l'yphlichthus subterraneus and their spring-cave dwelling relative Chologaster agassizi co-exist." - AB Evaluation


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