Sites along the river Nile.

Connected Sites

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Ancient Thebes
Gebel Barkal
Historic Cairo
Meroe The City as opposed to the more famous Cemetaries with their pyramids is very close to the Nile "Meroe is in two parts: Meroe 1 (town site) west of the highway covers 612.551ha and Meroe 2 (cemetery site) east of the highway covers 674.904ha....... The site of the royal city of Meroe, known today as Begraweya, is near the banks of the river Nile about 220 north of Khartoum....... The bath structure .....was supplied by a brick vaulted, cement-lined aqueduct. Filling the basin depended on the water level of the Nile;it was only operative at the high Nile and was associated with inundation, the New Year and by extension, the cult of the ruler " (AB Eval)
Nubian Monuments
Pyramids (Memphis)
Rwenzori Mountains the glaciers of the Rwenzori park are seen as one of the sources of the Nile


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