Mayan culture

WHS with remains of Mayan culture.

The history of Maya civilization generally is divided into three principal periods: the Preclassic (c. 2000 BC – 250 AD), Classic (c. 250–900 AD), and Postclassic periods (c. 950–1539 AD).

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Calakmul "The history of the Maya Classic period is dominated by the rivalry between Tikal and Calakmul, likened to a struggle between two Maya "superpowers". (wiki) "The archaeological sites in the property contain some unrivalled examples of Maya monumental architecture" (Crit IV OUV)
Chichen-Itza "Chichen-Itza is the most important archaeological vestige of the Maya-Toltec civilization in Yucatan (10th-15th centuries)." (crit iii OUV)
Copán "The Maya site of Copan represents one of the most spectacular achievements of the Classic Maya Period" (Crit iv OUV)
Joya de Ceren Late Preclassic Maya Period Mesoamerican settlement (AB ev)
Palenque "Older than the ensemble at Tikal, whose major monuments were constructed a hundred years later, the group of ceremonial buildings at Palenque is an outstanding example of a ceremonial and civic site corresponding to the middle of the Classic period in the Maya area." (Crit iv OUV)
Quirigua The monuments of the Archaeological Park and Ruins of Quirigua are an outstanding example and the largest corpus of Maya art masterpieces. (OUV)
Sian Ka'an The reserve includes some 23 known archaeological sites of the Maya civilization, including Muyil.
Tak'alik Ab'aj "Early Mayan culture emerged here at the beginning of Late Preclassic period (100 BCE to 50 CE) and reached its mature expression with the second generation (50 to 150 CE), marked by the development of the Mayan Long Count astronomical calendar" (AB ev)
Tikal National Park Tikal National Park is an outstanding example of the art and human genius of the Maya. (OUV)
Uxmal "demonstrate the social and economic structure of late Maya society before it disappeared in the Terminal Classic Period" (OUV crit iii)


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