Marianne North

Victorian Naturalist, Flower painter and traveller (1830-90). Started her "world travels" as a wealthy spinster at age 41 after the death of her father. Visited and studied plants in Canada, USA, Jamaica, Japan, Borneo, Java, Ceylon, India, Seychelles. Australia, New Zealand, S Africa, Brazil, Chile, Middle East and Europe. Had 4 plant species and 1 genus named after her. Communicated on matters botanical with Charles Darwin.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Chola Temples
Elephanta Caves
Fort and Shalamar Gardens
Kew Gardens Donated her collection to the Gardens and, during the 1880's, had a gallery erected there to house them (reopened 2009 after restoration).
Qutb Minar
Taj Mahal
Vallée de Mai Visited during a period of 3 months spent in the Seychelles during 1883. Numerous paintings of Coco de Mer and 1 "famous" one of the Waterfall within the park
Yosemite National Park Mariposa Grove and Bridal Veil. Painted around 1871. The Grove had been "discovered" in 1857 and the whole area "granted" to California as a "state park" in 1864


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