King Charles III

Sites connected to the life of British King Charles III, in his days as heir apparent and king. Excluding sites he merely visited.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Cornwall and West Devon Mining Landscape He "owns" various parts of this site as a result of his "position" as Duke of Cornwall. Locations include Drakewalls Mine, Prince of Wales Mine, Gunnislake Clitters Mine in the Tamar Valley Mining District.
Garden Kingdom of Dessau-W├Ârlitz Has been a "Patron" of the Garden since 1996
Gwynedd Castles He was "invested" as "Prince of Wales" at Caernarfon Castle in 1969
Mount Athos The Prince visits Vatopedi monastery fairly regularly for spiritual reasons and has contributed to its restoration
Taj Mahal Famously he was NOT present when in February 1992 his wife "Princess Diana" had "that photo" taken of her all alone at this monument to "love" and thus announced to the world her emotional "separation" from him
Villages with Fortified Churches He owns a house in the village of Viscri and,in line with his interest in preservation and the natural environment, he is a patron of the Mihai Eminescu Trust (a UK charity set up to restore the cultural heritage and skills of the area's Saxon villages).
Westminster Prince Charles took his seat in the House of Lords (Palace of Westminster) in Feb 1970 - he wanted to play an active part but was warned not to and has never spoken. Interestingly, such ceremonies as his christening and marriage(s) have NOT taken place at the Abbey.


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